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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in her new two-part fantasy adventure Tales Of The Northern Kingdoms series, Kitty Lewis introduces Prince Michael and Crown Prince Oliver and their efforts to keep civil war at bay.

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The Tales Of The Northern Kingdoms Series

The two-part Tales Of The Northern Kingdoms series by Kitty Lewis not only makes compelling reading but highlights the potential of this young author.

With innovative plotting, both The Shades and Mages & Rebels feature Kitty’s own interest in politics, particularly in relation to the two brothers, Prince Michael and Crown Prince Oliver, as she eloquently explores the inner struggles, relationships and growth of both.

These tales of magic, elven republics, unsettled times, and two brothers’ determination to find peace follow Prince Michael’s adventures after leaving Slokos, from Kitty Lewis’s first fantasy series, Legends of the Lost Tribes.

The Shades – Tales of the Northern Kingdoms – Book 1

Prince Michael has returned from Slokos, bringing the fire-haired girl from the south he fell in love with. His father takes issue with the situation but has no time to quarrel with his youngest son. The Dukes of the East and South are each plotting against the Crown, driving the kingdom towards civil war.

Michael and his brother, Crown Prince Oliver, try to bring the separate factions to an agreement, but the summit is devastated when a rogue shadow dragon attacks, bringing dark creatures to destroy Oakshire.

As people flee the devastation in the east, Michael is tasked with hunting down Henry Tarworth, an advisor with a dark secret that could turn the kingdom upside down.

Mages & Rebels – Tales of the Northern Kingdoms: Book 2

Mages & Rebels by Kitty Lewis on The Table Read Magazine
Mages & Rebels by Kitty Lewis

After the evacuation of the East, King Oliver sealed off what little was left of the land in a desperate attempt to keep the Shades confined. The ship of mages from the southern continent arrives to help in any way they can and discover an ancient ritual to release trapped souls from the magic controlling them. Prince Michael is still tracking the man behind the chaos, and his search leads him to a hidden village of mages deep in the Northern Mountains who are rather reluctant to help.

Meanwhile, the political situation in the elven republic to the west takes a turn for the worst when the charismatic but dangerous Councillor Nightbreeze becomes Archon. His promises of elven glory and power come at a terrible price, one that perhaps nobody should have to pay.

Kitty Lewis

Whilst I’ve had several dreams and ideas for my future, the one thing that stayed consistent has been my love of stories. I would often spend hours inventing my own worlds to escape to, one of which began when I was around seven. Over the years, that world and its resident characters developed into Drenius, where my novels are set today.

-Kitty Lewis

At the age of nine, Kitty Lewis wanted to become the Prime Minister of Britain. While she quickly realised that this was a highly unrealistic dream, she remains interested in politics and spends some of her time leafleting for local candidates.

As a teenager, Kitty was a slightly awkward loner; she never quite got the whole ‘socialising’ thing and preferred to spend her time buried in a book or daydreaming about her own fantasy worlds.

As an adult, she’s still a loner who spends her time buried in books and fantasy worlds, but she’s less awkward about it. When she isn’t writing, she is usually busy gaming, drinking weird tea or playing with random cats. Her favourite way to relax is playing PC games, mostly either The Sims or something where she can blast zombies to bits.

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