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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Immortal Sins by Maurice D. Winterborn takes readers to Haven, a country under siege where Dimitri Savandiel, the village boy turned military hero is the last hope of saving Haven and its noble countrymen.

Immortal Sins

Immortal Sins by Maurice D. Winterborn on The Table Read Magazine
Immortal Sins by Maurice D. Winterborn

Published in January 2023, Immortal Sins is Maurice D. Winterborn’s debut novel, and the first installment of his upcoming fantasy series.

In the North, the Chained God has ruled for centuries as the guardian of knowledge, power, and truth. But now, dark powers are rising in the South, compromising harmony and strength of all assembled in his name. The fighting takes a toll, leaving little hope left, despite the fact that the last bastion of the people has stood firm for more than four years.

When Vivaria, the southern Empire, declared war on Haven, Dimitri Savandiel saw his world fall apart. For many years, Haven has known nothing but division and death after the true king died, his throne taken by his deceitful brother.

The fight for Haven will be bloody.

Maurice D. Winterborn spent many years with the plot of Immortal Sins percolating in his mind, and his passion for the popular fantasy fiction genre shines through his writing. He has not only hit the literary ground running with Immortal Sins, an impressive and substantial (490 pages) launchpad for his planned fantasy series, but he has also amassed an appreciative fanbase that is eager to read more, to the envy of many new authors.

Maurice D. Winterborn on The Table Read Magazine
Maurice D. Winterborn

Maurice D. Winterborn

Maurice D. Winterborn took his pen name from his grandfather to honour him for being the one who encouraged him with writing and storytelling.  For years he has been writing and tampering with fantasy world building, but it was during lockdown that he decided to get that world he had created onto paper.  Immortal Sins is the end result and his first published novel.

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