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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Alexander’s Aphorisms by Alexander Peter Dukes, is a series of around 1600 easily accessible aphorisms for increasing environmental understanding and spiritual awareness, and the avoidance of further damage.

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Alexander’s Aphorisms

In an age when the call for environmental stewardship has never been greater, Alexander’s Aphorisms by Alexander Peter Dukes emerges as a groundbreaking book employing many incisive aphorisms that cut to the heart of planetary survival.

Cleverly crafted into a structure of colour-coded chapters and sections depending on specific topic, and with each allotted a single, dramatic, black page, Alexander Peter Dukes has combined in this unique work a large number of his own original aphorisms.  By way of wording shining like bright beacons of literary light, the reader is guided towards taking a reflective journey through a complex web of politics, conflict, extremism, war, science, cosmology, psychology, emotion and religion etc.

Resulting from an experienced background mainly in law, philosophy and psychology, Alexander challenges readers to face many of the obstacles impeding sustainable conservation.  Through his innovative use of aphorisms, Alexander distills the multifaceted essence of the problem.

Not merely highlighting the need for improved understanding in its articulation of a meticulously organized collection of inspiring ideas, Alexander’s Aphorisms is a call to take urgent action.

Alexander Peter Dukes

Transcending traditional discourse for the purpose of illuminating crucial issues facing our planet, my aim in this book is to harness the concise force of the aphorism to reveal the underlying themes of our environmental crisis.

This work is an invitation to engage with the reality that surrounds us – a reality fraught with perilous challenges, and yet ripe with opportunities for advance and transformation.  By presenting a kaleidoscope of perspectives – from the political to the spiritual, from the scientific to the environmental – I endeavour to encourage collective respect for the beauty and fragility of the Earth.  

It is my deepest hope that this book will serve not only as a mirror reflecting the intricacies of our global dilemma, but also as a map guiding us towards a more harmonious coexistence with our fellow creatures – including the human creature – with whom we share this world.  We need each other.

I know that the journey of saving the Earth will meet many difficulties and hardships.  But armed with growing insight and united in purpose, humanity should be better able to navigate a path leading towards the redemption of sustained renewal.

-Alexander Peter Dukes

As a barrister-at-law, Alexander Peter Dukes is a member of the Inner Temple at the Inns of Court in London, England.  Following a career predominantly as a constitutional lawyer, he is now a writer of aphorisms and aphoristic poetry on a wide variety of subjects.

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