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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, author, coach and speaker Rob Cross released Flip Your Thinking: To Ignite Your World, helping readers to question their perspectives.

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Flip Your Thinking: To Ignite Your World

According to author, coach and speaker Rob Cross, people have about 60,000 thoughts a day, and 70% of those are negative. In his transformational new book, Flip Your Thinking: To Ignite Your World, he shares a refreshingly simple yet radical approach to life called “flipology”, challenging readers to question their perspectives on 36 widely held assumptions that prevent people from having the lives they deserve.

No wonder we feel somewhat stuck, lost, aimless … in our business, in our marriage, with love, with friendships and with parenting. There’s so much that we want that we’re pushing away, just by how we think.

Your mind is so powerful that it not only shapes your perception of things, but it also convinces you that it’s the truth. That becomes your reality. You alone determine what you make things mean.

I’m going to invite you to FLIP IT! On the other side, you’ll have more love, more peace, and more business than you can shake a stick at!

-Rob Cross

Through his quirky and relatable “flips”, he Rob Cross teachers readers that making the choice to forgive yourself sets you free, love stays when you let it leave and leaves when you make it stay, and to be heard you need to talk less. Readers will be left wondering if they’ve been viewing life backward and upside-down all along.

From how people define professional success to how they approach personal relationships, readers will discover that their circumstances today are outward displays of their inward thoughts and beliefs. So if life isn’t going according to plan, a crash course in flipology might be in order.

A powerful “how to do life” read, Flip Your Thinking is packed with everyday fresh perspectives divided into four key categories: Flip What You Make Things Mean; Flip Your Approach to Life; Flip Your Choices; and Flip Your Destiny.

It’s time to assign new meanings. Garner the power of your thoughts. Real and lasting change starts by flipping your thinking before engaging your feet! If not, you’ll simply keep running in circles.

I challenge you to approach this book as if you really don’t know everything you think you know. Be open and curious. Be willing to question how you’ve been looking at things and how you’ve defined things. If you don’t like what you see in life, stand up and change your view. Gaining a new perspective can literally save your life. Happy flipping!

-Rob Cross

Rob Cross

Rob Cross on The Table Read Magazine
Rob Cross

Rob Cross considers himself a regular guy who sees things outside the boundaries of conventional teaching. In college, he fought and scratched like a cat in a bathtub during those monologues, distancing himself from what he believed were confining definitions and structures.

Cross uses his knack for taking life’s everyday challenges and whittling them down to simple, achievable solutions to make a positive and transformative impact on each and every one of his readers. He is also the author of Flip Your Mornings: Kick-start Each Day on Purpose!

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