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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, dark romantic comedy, Ghosted by Mo Fanning, centres on Silas, who wants to reconcile with his gay son, and lands a job as Santa onboard a gay cruise ship.


Romantic comedy Ghosted, set onboard the MS Viking, is far from your run-of-the-mill romance with protagonists who are older than most, and an LGBTQ theme running throughout. Bursting with life’s big topics, a second chance at love, bonds that can’t be broken, family estrangement, friendships and more, Ghosted captivates with a combination of warm and dark, reflective and funny.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0BF819KT4&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=jjbarnes 21&language=en GBir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=B0BF819KT4Ghosted delves into what makes its protagonists, Silas and Ellen who have both lost their partners, tick, and what led them both to decide boarding a ship bursting with 3,000 gay men is an excellent way to get their lives on track.

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While professional Santa Silas French fills out the same application as always for his regular stint at a New York department store, behind the counter at the East Side Diner, Ellen Gitelman hangs her jacket  and smoothes out her waitress uniform as she waits for the coffee pot to stop percolating. When a double whammy of bad news leaves Silas jobless, with no money to pay for a planned trip to reconcile with his estranged gay son Joey in Florida, and cutbacks at the diner cost Ellen her job, their lives change.

A chance tip from his local bar gets Silas a job as Santa on a cruise ship that happens to be docking in Florida, where Joey lives with his husband and kids. When Ellen heads to a cafe across the street and spots a bulletin board ad selling tickets for a cruise, her riotous friend Julia volunteers as a travel companion. The MS Viking just happens to be carrying 3,000 gay men in the mood to party. What could go wrong?

Silas soon finds himself involved with some unsavoury business and meets a potential new love in the form of Ellen. Over the course of the Christmas Holiday cruise, the three slowly learn that what they thought they were seeking isn’t really what would make them truly happy and that they are in control of their own choices.

A great holiday read ‘Ghosted’ is a dark romantic comedy about the continuing bonds we have with our loved ones after they are gone, appealing to a range of audiences (rom-com enthusiasts, LGBTQ+ readers and those who enjoy exploring the psychology of a novel’s characters).

Mo Fanning offers a poignant snapshot of getting older and trying to live a good life, reinforcing his reputation as an author who excels at writing about damaged people searching for ways to overcome their past and seek a happier future.

Mo Fanning on The Table Read Magazine
Mo Fanning

Mo Fanning

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Part-time novelist, part-time stand-up comic, and full-time communications director for a major UK charity, Mo Fanning lives in a Black Country backwater town better known for its drive-through Greggs than its thriving literary scene. He aspires to someplace more rural, where his nearest neighbour has four legs and is hard of hearing.

With a unique talent for blending romance and comedy in intriguing settings, Mo is an emerging voice in contemporary fiction with lofty ambitions of becoming the go-to quote monster for anything to do with LGBTQ romance novels.

Beyond writing,  Mo displays a passion verging on unhealthy when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest and will happily discuss the waning value of a key change.

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Published by Spring Street Books, ‘Ghosted’ is available in paperback (ISBN 978-0955988578), Kindle format and audiobook on Amazon.




It is also available at other online book retailers here

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