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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Jeff Senior’s thriller, The Itch That Couldn’t Be Scratched, retirees Ed and Jess witness a woman taking her own life and decide to find out more about what prompted the tragedy.

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The Itch That Couldn’t Be Scratched

In Jeff Senior’s debut thriller novel, The Itch That Couldn’t Be Scratched, sees retirees Ed and Jess unexpectedly finding themselves becoming ‘detectives’ as they delve deeper into the reasons behind the tragic suicide they witnessed.

Happily retired Ed and Jess find their lives are forever changed when they witness a woman take her own life. The police aren’t investigating, and no one seems to care except for Ed and Jess, and they’re determined to uncover the truth behind her tragic act. Why did she do it?

Their investigation soon opens a pandora’s box of war crimes, criminal conspiracies, police corruption and a pervasive need for justice left unfulfilled. Can this ordinary elderly couple succeed where officials refuse to tread? The deeper Ed digs, the more strain it puts on his marriage as Jess grows fearful of the dangers involved.

Despite tensions at home, and sinister forces working against them, Ed feels compelled by his conscience to see this through to the end. His good intentions, however, pave an unpredictable path filled with chance encounters, family complications, and life-threatening risks. Will he unravel the mystery in time, or will his obsession bring disaster upon himself and those close to him? One thing’s for sure: he has no plans to stop until justice is served.

This fast paced thriller sees the couple’s discoveries throwing up a whole host of unforeseen and complex twists and turns as Ed and Jess make a welcome addition to the mystery genre. With a sequel already in the works, fingers crossed their sleuthing escapades will continue for many years to come.

Jeff Senior

Likening himself to King Charles in terms of embracing a new career at the age of 75, Jeff Senior had a career as a technical author before reinventing himself in retirement as a novelist with his debut murder mystery, The Itch That Couldn’t Be Scratched.

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