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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Inbetween by Nixie Mai Mason, Riley runs away to Transylvania. After meeting, Lilith, Dracula’s daughter, she masquerades as a monster to enroll at the vampiric lord’s academy.

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The Inbetween

Nixie Mai Mason’s teen novel, The Inbetween, offers a contemporary and unique twist on the timeless appeal of Dracula mythology, immersing readers in vampiric escapism.

Delving into the ‘darkness’ that Dracula presents, Mason also embraces the pop culture allure comes with the subject matter as Stephanie Meyers Twilight books, The Vampire Diaries, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer all highlight the addictive nature of these narratives.

Riley, a fifteen year old girl who harbours extraordinary elemental powers, seeks sanctuary from a tumultuous life in Brooklyn by running away to the mysterious realm of Transylvania. Guided by fate, she crosses paths with enigmatic daughter of the infamous Dracula, Lilith. In a gesture of solidarity, Lilith convinces Riley to hide her human identity and integrate into the clandestine world of monsters and magic that exists within Dracula’s academy.

However, when Dracula uncovers Riley’s true nature, a volatile conflict erupts between father and daughter. As the flames threaten to consume everything in their path, Riley, Lilith, and Dracula find themselves bound together by an unforeseen quest for survival. With a little stowaway, determined to keep them safe.

Driven by necessity, the unlikely group embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve the elusive moonstone, rumoured to possess the power to amplify Riley’s already formidable magic. But amidst the dangers that lurk in the darkness, a bond forms between Riley and Lilith that transcends the boundaries of their vastly different worlds, challenging societal norms and defying expectations.

As they traverse treacherous landscapes and confront formidable adversaries, Dracula’s icy facade begins to thaw, revealing a newfound acceptance and understanding for Riley’s humanity. In the crucible of their shared trials and triumphs, an unexpected alliance emerges—one forged in the fires of adversity and strengthened by the unbreakable bonds of friendship and love.

Secrets are unveiled, friendships are tested, and love blossoms in the most unlikely of places, as the characters navigate a world where magic reigns supreme and anything is possible.

Nixie Mai Mason

I have been writing since I was 16. I was never very good at writing when I was younger as I was more of a maths kid.  I’m now 23,  have autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome along with a heart condition. My family are my everything and they really help to inspire a lot of my writing. I always dreamed of becoming an author and sharing my stories with the world. I am currently working on the sequel for The Inbetween. 

-Nixie Mai Mason

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