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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Ohmigod! by Aaron Asadi, Sam, a single man with undiagnosed autism, trying to keep his life together as God returns to Earth and a cataclysmic TikTok livestream changes the world forever.

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Aaron Asadi is the former creative head at one of the world’s largest consumer media companies, now changing the course of his career with the publication of Ohmigod! that puts an undiagnosed autistic man from England centre stage with the Lord Almighty himself.

It’s Tuesday and God has come back to earth. This all seems very well and good, but Sam Dalton could really do without the anxiety – there are a lot of jobs to do, and his garden is finally being sorted.

As God makes his presence felt, sending the world and Sam’s mum into a panic, life begins to do the one thing our homebody hero really doesn’t like: change.

With the media, governments, and the local townspeople forced to adapt to the return of biblical shock and awe, is Sam able to survive the peril and keep his utter sham of a life together?

Ohmigod!’s darkly comic narrative transplants God’s vengeance from the Old Testament into modern day times, with a full-hearted wrestling match between morality, free will, loss, and hope. Not only are readers challenged to a ask the biggest question of all time, what would happen if God came back to earth?, but also the imprisoning effect of life’s mundane pressures and expectations. 

Funny, enthralling, heartbreaking, and hugely unexpected, Ohmigod! by Aaron Asadi Is an unforgettable debut which leaves readers with impossible questions and a desire for more.

Aaron Asadi

I am a former consumer media exec, having worked in editorial and publishing for 20 years. At Future plc I was on the executive leadership team for several years, leading a 20x increase in valuation to £4bn. I like words. I am half-Iranian, half-Irish, but spent my entire life in the south of England.

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