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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Flesh And Blood by Julie Jones, night nurse Andre Darnell must come to terms with his blood-sucking destiny.

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Flesh And Blood

Flesh And Blood by Julie Jones captivates readers on both an emotional and psychological level, with a multi-layered narrative. While Flesh And Blood is a vampire story at its core, Andre’s backstory and a chance meeting with the far-from-conventional Celia leading to a contented life he never thought possible, this story is as much about family, soul searching and being true to oneself as it is about turning to the blood sucking dark side.

Having spent his entire childhood in the foster care system, and suffering an assault as a child, Andre Darnell decided to become a night nurse. One evening when he is about to report for his shift, he is met by two foreign men who offer him a large inheritance that comes with strange strings attached. Andre goes on a journey of self-discovery that involves Celia, a wealthy young woman struggling with a complicated past that exiled her and made her the most hated woman in London.

As Andre and Celia begin their life together in the English Countryside the Vampire Magnus and his shapeshifting partner Isis come to enlighten him about his past, destroy his present, and try to convince him to embrace his true nature.

Using her own experiences as a registered nurse to inform her writing, and having been consumed by numerous nightmares of vampires as a child, Julie Jones storytelling puts chills down the spines of readers, whilst leaving them ever hopeful that Andre and Celia’s story doesn’t stop here.

Julie Jones

Julie Jones is an African American registered nurse who works for the US government.

I spent a decade of my life living in the UK. The book is mostly set in Devon, but we travel to London and Detroit. I lived briefly at Bishop’s Court Palace in Devon working for a music festival in the 2000s. I lived in London where I raised my two daughters, and Detroit where I am from. I currently live in Gilbert, Arizona, but I travel frequently to Detroit because my family is there. Vampires have been an obsession since childhood.

-Julie Jones

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