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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, debut novel by Valerie Newman, Journey to Spiritiouness, is a fantasy adventure that will excite fans of Harry Potter.


Journey to Spiritiouness

Journey To Spiritiouness

When an orphan named Laura is on her usual way home from school, she encounters The Darkness, and is pulled through to Spiritiouness, where she meets Zuele, the Gatekeeper of Spiritiouness. Zuele explains that is world is full of danger, as Aziah and his multitude of Draconis’, (dragons in human form) have seized the planet, leaving the animals and spirits dwelling upon Spiritiouness fearing for their lives.

To make things worse, since taking control of Spiritiouness, Aziah has sent the planet off its pivot making it float to close to the sun. With the core temperature of Spiritiouness rising, food and water has now become scarce.

With the impact of the drought having a devastating effect upon the animals and spirits living upon the planet, Laura discovers that she is going to inherit magical powers that could liberate them from the impending doom, however, she go through a series of tests that will put her life in danger and test her bravery to the absolute limit in order to acquire them. To complicate matters further, Aziah, head of the Draconis, is also in pursuit of Laura’s powers, and puts a price on her head.

On her journey, Laura meets strange and other worldly creatures, such as spirit children, tree spirits, animals, and insects who endeavor to help her. Soon, she discovers that her trip to Spiritiouness was not a fluke and that she has a deeper connection to the planet than she could have ever imagined.

This is a dangerous and intense adventure into Spiritiouness.


Valerie Newman on The Table Read Magazine
Valerie Newman

Valerie Newman

Despite the fact that author Valerie Newman has a background in management in the health and social care industry, her true passion is writing books. Valerie has a large, close-knit family and loves music, animals, Harry Potter. Valerie spends most of her time with friends and family, as well as her beloved pets, Blue, her miniature Shitzus, and her gorgeous cat, Shadow.

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Newman explained that she was perfectly suited to write this novel. Not only does she love fantasy novels, but she also cares deeply about the planet, children, animals, and our collective future. That is very similar to Laura’s struggle not only to save Spiritiouness but also to connect with others and establish a family of her own.

Early readers have been as enthralled by reading Spiritiouness as she was writing aout it, which is the best gift you can get as an author. She shared how excited she is to share her story of Laura and her adventures with the wider world.

The stories of Spiritiouness and Laura aren’t finished yet, so there’s more to come!

Find more now: : Journey To Spiritiouness


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