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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, new research has revealed the top-earning cast members of Sex Education on Instagram.

Analysis of Instagram profiles for the cast of Sex Education on Netflix conducted by JeffBet, using influencer marketing calculators to determine which stars have the most followers online, concluded how much they can earn per sponsored post. 

Asa Butterfield

Asa Butterfield, who plays Otis Millburn, is the most followed and highest-earning cast member. With 5.3 million Instagram followers, an engagement rate of 5.83%, and an average of 311,000 likes per post, he can earn up to an estimated £13,426 for a single sponsored Instagram post. 

Mimi Keen

Mimi Keen is the second-highest-earning influencer in the Sex Education cast. Keen plays Ruby Matthews in the show and has the second-highest following of 3.5 million on Instagram, allowing her to earn up to £8,866 per sponsored post. The actress receives an average of 700,116 likes per Instagram post and has an engagement rate of 19.89%, both the highest on the list, making her account ideal for sponsorship deals.

From her Instagram, it’s clear that Keen is strongly affiliated with the high-fashion brand Miu Miu – a subsidiary of Prada – with several posts featuring dresses and bags from its collections.

Simone Ashley

The third most influential cast member is Simone Ashley, who plays the role of Olivia. The actress is also well known for her role in the hit Netflix period drama, Bridgerton and has an Instagram following of over 3.4 million. This, as well as averaging 463,542 likes per post, means she could earn up to an estimated £8,700 per sponsored post.

Most recently, the actress collaborated with the skincare brand La Mer in its social series, promoting various products from its beauty collection.

Ncuti Gatwa

Ncuti Gatwa ranks in fourth place. The actor has recently taken the entertainment industry by storm, with the Rwandan-Scottish actor making his Hollywood debut by joining the Barbie cast and the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who as the 15th Doctor. He has amassed almost 2.6 million Instagram followers.

With an average of 31,465 likes for each of his Instagram posts, Ncuti’s estimated potential earnings for sponsored Instagram posts is £6,399.

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Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson proves to be another hugely influential cast member. The actress, well-known for her FBI role in the TV series X-Files, is the show’s fifth highest-earning cast member on Instagram. With a follower count of 2.5 million and an average of 76,400 likes per post, Anderson can make an estimated £6,263 per sponsored post.

Aimee Wood

Aimee Wood is the sixth-most influential cast member from Sex Education on Instagram. The actress has 2.1 million followers on Instagram, averaging 73,621 likes per post. Aimee’s estimated earnings are £5,422 per Instagram post. Previously, Aimee Wood collaborated with Swarovski on Instagram with a campaign promoting self-care.

Connor Swindells

Ranked as the seventh-most influential is Connor Swindells. Another actor on the list who is featured in the latest Barbie movie and, as a result, has amassed 1.2 million followers on Instagram. He has an engagement of 4.95% rate and averages 62,769 likes on Instagram, contributing to his earning an estimated £3,189 per sponsored post.

Patricia Allison

Patricia Allison is the eighth-most influential Sex Education cast member on the list. Playing the character Ola Nyman on the show, the actress has 794,582 followers on Instagram. With an engagement rate of 6.86% and 54,334 likes on average per post, her estimated cost per sponsored post is up to £2,999. 

Tanya Reynolds

Tanya Reynolds plays Lily Iglehart and is the ninth-most influential cast member. With an Instagram following of  681,300, the actress can expect to earn up to £2,558 per sponsored Instagram post.

Sami Outalbali

The tenth-most influential Sex Education star is Sami Outalbali, who plays Rahim Harrack on the show. The French actor rose to fame for his role in the OCS series Grown Ups. Outalbali has 644,986 followers on Instagram with a 5.09% engagement rate, and can expect to earn up to £2,432 per sponsored Instagram post.

Sex Education

With the final season of Sex Education announced for September, it’s no surprise to see the lead actor, Asa Butterfield, take the top spot as the most influential cast member on Instagram, being able to charge a fortune for a single sponsored post.”

One significant positive to come out of this much-loved series is that we’re now seeing the emergence of talented young actors and actresses from the show go on and take influential roles within the acting landscape. Ncuti Gatwa is the perfect example of someone who found their break on the show and has since gone on to land a Hollywood debut in Barbie, as well as taking the role of the 15th Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who.

A spokesperson from JeffBet

Instagram Top Earners

Rank Name Instagram handle Instagram Follower count Engagement rate Average likes Cost per sponsored post
1. Asa
@asabopp 5,353,659 5.83% 311,419 £13,426
2. Mimi
@mimikeene3 3,526,660 19.89% 700,116 £8,866
3. Simone
@simoneashley 3,465,566 13.40% 463,542 £8,700
4. Ncuti
@ncutigatwa 2,555,411 1.52% 38,615 £6,399
5. Gillian Anderson @gilliana 2,500,000 3.01% 76,400 £6,263
6. Aimee Wood @aimeelouwood 2,163,923 3.41% 73,621 £5,422
7. Connor Swindells @connor_swindells 1,271,219 4.95% 62,769 £3,189
8. Patricia
@trishallison 794,582 6.86% 54,334 £2,999
9. Tanya
@tanyaloureynolds 681,300 1.00% 6,800 £2,558
10. Sami
@samioutalbali 644,986 5.09% 32,729 £2,432

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