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Internationally acclaimed fine artist and art therapist Fransie Frandsen returns with a third book in the Alexander’s Questions series. A quirky, colourful new quest, perfect for curious little ones with a playful sense of humour – inspired by the style of Eric Carle and Lauren Child.

Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen on The Table Read

There’s a noisy monster under Alexander’s bed.

Baby T’s monster has a rumbling tummy.

Daddy has monstrous problems at work.

But what about Mummy?

Join Alexander in his latest colourful quest to find the answer to the puzzling question…

Are Mummies scared of monsters?

“Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters?” by Fransie Frandsen

Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters?

Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen on The Table Read

‘Young children still have a wonderfully unrestricted view of the world and their place in it. I’ve often been amazed how story telling & art making can help children create a new skill set for expressing their feelings, communicating and interacting with the world around them.’

Celebrated author-illustrator Fransie Frandsen draws on her experience as an art psychotherapist and skill as a fine artist and graphic designer to present her beautifully original picture book series, Alexander’s Questions, for parents and children to share together.

During Fransie’s work as an art psychotherapist (therapy that uses art media as its primary mode of communication and expression) she mainly focused on the attachment, bonding and communication between child and parent. These elements, together with humour and curiosity, are the underlying themes in her children’s books. Fabulously fun storytelling and wordplay allow parents and children to explore the importance of talking and listening to each other. In her unique collage-style illustrations, she skillfully combines photographs and illustrations to build a multi-textured world, blending fantasy and reality.

Alongside her professional insight, Fransie’s work is inspired by her relationship with her own children, who have collaborated on the series, as well as the family’s West Highland terriers – known as ‘The Barkingtons’ – who pose for their own character, The Tinster!

Praise for Fransie Frandsen

“The illustrations are the real treat. Collages made of photographs and illustrations, provide brilliantly fun and engaging visual narration… this book will doubtless keep both parent and child amused and entertained with its quirky originality.”

-Press Association, Children’s Book of the Week

Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen on The Table Read

“A fresh approach to looking at figurative language through misconceptions and fun… the artwork is vibrant, the illustrations are fun, bold and colourful. A very enjoyable read.”

-Reading Zone

“Frandsen’s first book is a worthy investment, not only for its charming story but for the details hidden on each page, allowing curious minds to spot something new and different with every read.”


“A highly amusing read with Frandsen’s signature unique illustrations, which never fail to captivate.”

-Biblio Babble

“I love the graphic design and collage style of the illustrations, reminiscent of a cross between Lauren Child and Nick Sharratt.”

-It’s All About Stories

“It reads well and it looks beautiful too.”

-BBC Radio

Fransie Frandsen

Are Mummies Scared Of Monsters by Fransie Frandsen on The Table Read

Having lived in seven different countries, Fransie Frandsen is a writer, illustrator, graphic designer and internationally celebrated fine artist. In the past year, Fransie’s artwork has been exhibited in London, Genoa, Milan and Valencia.

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After completing her BA and qualification in Graphic design, Fransie earned a further degree in Art Psychotherapy in the UK. She practiced for several years in London working mainly with children and focusing on the attachment, bonding and communication between children and parents. It is the dynamics of this relationship that inspire her children’s books.

Fransie currently lives and works in Switzerland together with her family and their two westies, ‘The Barkingtons’.

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Further titles available in the Alexander’s Questions series include: Do Grannies Have Green Fingers? Do Daddies Have Ants in their Pants? The next instalment Do Babies wear Pyjamas will be published in January 2023.

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