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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, founder of The Unbound Press, Nicola Humber, shares the work of spiritual women who created a new book, Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs.

the best creativity magazine in the UK, the best book magazine in the UK, the best arts magazine in the UK, the best entertainment magazine in the UK, the best celebrity magazine in the UK, book marketing UK, book promotion UK, music marketing UK, music promotion UK, film marketing UK, film promotion UK, arts and entertainment magazine, online magazine uk, creativity magazine

Written by JJ Barnes

I interviewed Nicola Humber about her work with The Unbound Press, what inspired the women she works with to write Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs, and their creative process.

Tell me a bit about who you are.

We are a collective of spiritual and heart-led businesswomen; a group of friends who have journeyed together in various different ways and after the numerous zooms and online connections, found themselves on retreat in real-life June 2021.

We are a group of magical women of all ages and social situations, gathered on retreat in Glastonbury – cue belly laughs and shakti farts a plenty. 

The process of coming together however, wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns… For the sister’s wound runs deep. 

Authors of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs on The Table Read
Authors of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs

Our book – Shakti Farts lifts the skirt on those wounds and explores lovingly what really holds us back when we gather.

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When did you first WANT to write a book?

Some of us have always wanted to write books; some of us who have contributed have already written their first book. There are two authors who have contributed to this book who have never published and for them it has been a hugely transformational experience.

We joked whilst sitting round the fire whilst we were away about turning our experiences into a book; and a year on it became a reality.

When did you take a step to start writing?

Our publisher – Nicola Humber – of The Unbound Press; and one of the women on the retreat in 2020, runs an Unbound Writing container and workshops. It was connecting with her and writing in an ‘unbound’ and free flowing way which helped the chapters come easily for us all.

Once we had decided we wanted to write the book based on our experiences on retreat, Nicola created group spaces for us to re-connect with the essence of the book and write our own chapters.

How long did it take you to complete your first book from the first idea to release?

The whole process as a collective took around a year. As we were a group of authors it was a little easier as we only had to think about our own chapters.

What were your biggest challenges with writing Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs?

The biggest challenge, and I wouldnt like to put words in my fellow authors’ mouths, was actually writing our chapters. We gathered together after the event that we were writing about several times, but because what we where sharing was still raw, we needed to put our big girl pants on and write when the moment took us. Which was different for each of us.

What was your research process for Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs?

Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs on The Table Read
Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs

We each pulled on our own personal experience of the retreat we went on together.

How did you plan the structure of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs?

At the Unbound Press we tend to throw structure out of the window LOLs; when each woman completed their chapter it was easy to see which order the stories needed to flow in. Creating a narrative that the reader can follow. It’s like a beautiful jigsaw puzzle of stories.

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Did you get support with editing, and how much editing did Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs need?

We have an editor at the Unbound Press, so we had support in that aspect. Again we encourage our writers not to edit too much, as this can dilute the potency of the message that is coming through. So, apart from grammar and spelling there wasn’t too much editing to be done.

What is the first piece of writing advice you would give to anyone inspired to write a book?

Write when it suits you. Write as much or as little as you wish. Some people like to set out the beginning, middle and the end and work in that order, i am a great believer in allowing what wants to flow. If you write the end first then that’s exactly as it should be.

Can you give me a hint about any further books you’re planning to write?

Well the Unbound Press is publishing several books at the moment, which we will absolutely share with you when they are out in the world.

And, finally, are your proud of your accomplishment? Was it worth the effort?

Absolutely. We are all proud to be a part of this book, it feels significant and each of us have experienced real community around this project.

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About The Authors of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs

Authors of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs on The Table Read
Authors of Shakti Farts And Belly Laughs

Nicola Humber

Nicola Humber is the author of three transformational books, Heal Your Inner Good Girl , UNBOUND and Unbound Writing. She’s also the founder of The Unbound Press, a soul-led publishing imprint for unbound women. She helps women to write the book their Unbound Self is calling them to write, whilst growing a community of soul-family readers and clients.

Sarah Lloyd

Sarah Lloyd – 25 years in the PR biz, founder of IndigoSoulPR, is the creatrix of her own brand of magic-based, conscious PR and communications. An intuitive, angel communicator and Reiki Energy Master herself, she specializes in working in ‘flow’ so has thrown the PR rule book out the window. Her mission is to teach and guide changemakers and visionaries to share their stories, without fear, on their terms.

Kathy Bell

Kathy Bell – Kathy is an experienced breathwork facilitator, mentor and author who specialises in holding loving, clear & expansive spaces for you to come home to your truth and ground your soul’s essence into your human reality. Kathy has created her own facilitator training to teach others her unique formula for holding safe and sacred spaces and continues to share authicially, from the heart that: “being human is the point” when it comes to spirituality.

Rachel Smithbone

Rachel Smithbone, aka the High Priestess of Sacred Self-Love and Spiritual Badassery, is best known for her work supporting soulful beings to love themselves fully and unconditionally. Rachel is passionate about the Universe and as a Priestess works to support others to create deep and loving relationships with the Divine. Rachel has a unique gift for creating deeply transformational energetic experiences.

Em Mulholland

Em Mulholland is a Shamanic Practitioner and copywriting Word Doula who works intuitively with crystals, tree beings and the Ascended Masters as part of her wordsmithing and energy healing practices. She’s also the Operations & Author Relations Magician for The Unbound Press, an editor and a published author in the world of legal academia.


Zoë K. M. Foster

Zoë K. M. Foster channels immersive, lifesize energy art for divinely feminine rebels. She is also the creator of her SacredExpression™ method, which combines sacred geometry, Jungian mandala psychology and fully-embodied, energy-expanding self-expression. Into her work, she brings over 20 years of training and experience as a cognitive psychologist, yoga teacher, energy worker, and spiritually-creative misfit. She lives in a beautiful bell tent in the wilds of Devon with her love and 2 starseed children.

Iona Rusell

Iona Russell. Called a Wizard without the illusions by her clients, Iona guides wild hearted women to confidently be unstoppable with “I’ve freakin’ got this” vibes. She is a Master Positive Psychology and Intuitive Breakthrough Coach, Consultant, Mindset Shifter, International Author, Radio presenter, Speaker, Spiritual Guide, and Spell Weaver bridging the gap between Mind and Soul to connect you to and activate your Biggest Heart & Soul Vision.

Michelle Maslin-Taylor

Michelle Maslin-Taylor is an experienced yoga teacher and reiki master-teacher who helps burnt-out yogis facilitate deep transformational healing for themselves and their clients through her unique blend of reiki-infused yoga. Since first finding yoga 20 years ago she has co-authored Amazon best-selling books, been featured in major wellness publications and developed her signature programme “The Reiki-Infused Yogi” for yoga teachers and students to elevate their own practice and/or teaching through the integration of healing practices.


Yolandi is a Lightworker, Starseed, Spiritual Coach, Author and Healer, with a passion for travel, sacred sites and spiritual adventure. 

She teaches clients from more than 35 countries across the world how to listen to their inner guidance and return to the essence of their Divine Souls. She does this through DNA Decoding, Light Language Healings, Akashic Record Readings, Soul Channelling and Coaching.

She is passionate about working with Mother Gaia in her role as a Dragon Priestess and Grid Keeper and promotes this work through ‘Project Earthwork’, a collaboration of Souls doing sacred work supporting and loving the Great Mother.


As founder of AllKatherine, Katherine is a transformational embodiment mentor, holding space for high achieving women to shift out of the relentless drive and self-doubt of who they think they should be, to embody the true wisdom and intuitive power of who they truly are, as women. Guided by her own journey through the abusive distortions of self-harm, drug and sex addiction, the shame and guilt of losing all her financial wealth through fraud and then the deep sorrows and grief of abortion, miscarriage and parental loss, Katherine has been challenged again and again to strip back the layers and go deeper, slowly awakening to the true wisdom and power of her feminine Soul.

With a background in international advertising sales and feature-length documentary producing, Katherine has traveled the world, interviewed Princes and Presidents, raised philanthropic investment on super yachts, premiered at Sundance and lunched with the stars.

Published author of ‘Shakti Farts & Belly Laughs’, out in August 2022 ; Co-producer of award-winning docs, KZ and Black Gold; Producer and Co-Director of Fezeka’s Voice, available on Netflix

Katie is a social media consultant, an award winning author and podcaster, with over twenty years’ experience in the field. She works with spiritual authors, healers and businesses to help them manage their online presence successfully, in a way that feels good. In 2020, she graduated in digital wellbeing coaching (ICF/Dip) to answer growing concerns around mental health and wellbeing when using social media.

To find out more about Katie, her books and offerings or to get in touch directly go to

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