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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in To Catch A Mouse by Le Chat Détenu, Brown Shyn and Orchid Amia are the victims of a corrupt psychology organisation, and must follow the clues and crack the code.

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To Catch A Mouse

With her pseudonym as intriguing as her novel, Le Chat Détenu’s To Catch A Mouse immerses readers in a highly original psychological thriller, which at its core asks why we all let guilt control us.

To Catch A Mouse by Le Chat Détenu on The Table Read Magazine
To Catch A Mouse by Le Chat Détenu

In a world where memory fades and knowledge elude, Louis navigates solely by instinct, his past a blank slate. Meanwhile, Michael stumbles upon a coveted treasure trove of knowledge, its origins shrouded in mystery. The path ahead remains uncertain as they follow the sticky trail of clues.

Amidst this enigmatic journey, a host of characters, burdened by loss and driven by longing, embark on their own quests. Brown Shyn, a relentless seeker of truth, weaves through intricate webs of imagination, piecing together fragments until they coalesce into meaning. Their paths intersect, converging upon Billy, the embodiment of our collective hopes and uncertainties.

Will he triumphantly unearth the long-awaited gold, or succumb to the weight of doubt? Yet amidst the thrill and turmoil, a figure of resilience emerges – Orchid. In a realm where male characters dominate, she yearns to demonstrate that the pursuit of “redemption’s nectar” is the ultimate prize, a cure for the poverty that haunts their minds. As the boundaries between knowledge and peace blur, their destinies intertwine, and the unveiling of truth becomes both their salvation and their downfall.

Doubling up also as codebreaker’s must-read, Le Chat Détenu has woven a trail of hidden codes that require deciphering throughout each chapter. And it is these secret and mysterious cryptic messages that elevate the narrative.

Le Chat Détenu

Born on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, Le Chat Détenu was an inspired product of the lush green, humid and chaotic volcanic landscape. She was an anguished mind, quietly reserved, a hopeful daydreamer. Le dreamt her way into the despairing claws of depression and a mental journey after her relocation to the winter colds of Great Britain, age 13, 1993. She wandered in a world most heaving, lost in a reality unhinged and troublingly excitable. Le met her silver lining when all her endless daydreams awakened like her childhood Soufriere Hills volcano…her demons imaginatively slain through pen and ink.

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