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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Zoë K. M. Foster has released a new book of multi-sensory, immersive art and poetry, It’s Written In The Stars.

Zoë K. M. Foster

Zoë K. M. Foster on The Table Read Magazine
Zoë K. M. Foster

Embodied Expression Artist, author, and radio show host Zoë K. M. Foster lives a nomadic lifestyle with her family in the wilds of Devon.

Zoë is a natural artist who involves her entire body in her artistic creations. In this manner she channels vivid, life-size energy art, solely for divine feminine rebels and their sacred spaces.

Zoë used her background in cognitive psychology, energy alchemy, yoga, and design, to create the SacredExpression™️ method – a healing modality intended to release one’s most playful, sensual and fully-expressed self. 

It’s Written In The Stars

For embodying your soul’s truest and most expansive expression, It’s Written In The Stars offers 250 full-color pages of inspiring, immersive, multi-sensory art, poetry, reflections, and transmutations.

A strong mix of seriously private reflections, verse, commonsense activities, reflections and multi sensory art, all made in Zoë’s unique style, she appears in all of her raw, expressive glory on the page and on the canvas.

It’s Written In The Stars is pioneering, and Zoë challenges us to go past the bounds of the limits we (and society) put on our brains, bodies and spirits.

Prepare to be transformed as you immerse yourself.

The Unbound Press

The Unbound Press is a heart-led publisher for unbound spirits, established by author, writing coach and radio presenter, Nicola Humber. Nicola launched the Unbound Press to help women with writing the book their Unbound Self is calling them to create, while growing a community of soul-family readers and clients.

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Available from Waterstones in Hardback £50 / Paperback £40


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