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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Reclaiming The Sacred: Healing Our Relationships With Ourselves And The World, Jeff Golden explores the science of happiness.

Reclaiming The Sacred: Healing Our Relationships With Ourselves And The World

Reclaiming The Sacred by Jeff Golden on The Table Read Magazine
Reclaiming The Sacred by Jeff Golden

Jeff Golden explores the intimate relationship between material wealth and poverty of spirit in his award-winning book, Reclaiming The Sacred: Healing Our Relationships With Ourselves And The World. With scientific revelations regarding the things that nourish the human spirit and the things that don’t, Jeff Golden focuses mainly on the impact of money and possessions.

Reclaiming The Sacred is the result of 12 years of research into the works of thousands of psychologists and economists, cosmologists and activists, saints and poets, as Golden sets out to ground readers in their inherent joy, purpose and belonging — both for their own sakes and for the sake of the world.

Golden explores the profound consequences of materialism, including how it impacts the global climate crisis. Then he goes beyond all of that, diving into the very heart of humanity’s existence, by charting a path — both scientific and mystical — for reclaiming the inherent joy and richness of life.

As we’ve surrounded ourselves with more and more possessions, we’ve grown further from the sacredness of the world, and the sacredness of ourselves. As we’ve elevated economic growth and consumption to the highest measures of success and purpose, we’ve closed ourselves off from so much of the joy and wonder that are inherent in us and the world.

-Jeff Golden
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Questions Explored In Reclaiming The Sacred

• How important is money to happiness?

• What is the optimal amount of money and possessions for a person to be happy?

• Does having kids make people happy? Getting married? Having sex? Working?

• What are some of the most serious effects of global warming?

• What kinds of changes will people have to make as individuals and as a society as a result of global warming? How will those changes allow people to actually live better lives?

• What does the economic system get wrong when it comes to what really matters, and how should progress be measured?

Ultimately, Reclaiming the Sacred takes readers on a journey that follows the golden threads of happiness, abundance and belonging — and leads them home.

We have an opportunity to reweave ourselves back into the human community and the family of all living beings, the family of the land and trees, the otters and grasses — to live with them in relationships of respect and wonder. We have an opportunity to reclaim ourselves and this world as sacred.

-Jeff Golden
Jeff Golden on The Table Read Magazine
Jeff Golden

Jeff Golden

Jeff Golden has been teaching and writing about the topics he covers in his book for over 30 years, most recently at Vassar College. He was a Fulbright Scholar in sustainable development and a recipient of the State Department’s Millennium International Volunteer Award. He is a prison reform and animal rights activist, and has headed several nonprofits promoting social justice, sustainability and international education.

A native of Idaho, he resides in the Mohicanituk Valley in New York, with his children, the river and the stars.

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All of the proceeds from Reclaiming the Sacred (post-printing and distribution) are going to several nonprofits doing important work related to the themes of this book. For more information, please visit




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