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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, JustWatch have added a Lists feature where users can create, share and import IMDb lists, plus discover list collections curated by the JustWatch team.

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JustWatch Lists

You love watching movies with the whole family on weekends and always have a good selection saved in your Watchlist. But Kung Fu Panda and the Minions make it hard for you to find the right title to watch with your friends on your monthly movie night. You need a convenient way to have a resource for these occasions but also find the titles that you have discovered and collected over time.

JustWatch Lists on The Table Read Magazine
JustWatch Lists

The Watchlist, which you already use to save and track your favorite movies and TV shows, is now
divided into three new sections:

My Lists: Create and personalize your own lists or easily bring in ones you’ve already created on IMDb. Share these lists with your friends and family to browse and discuss together.

Public Lists: Explore lists composed by our movie and TV show experts. These lists cover tons of different categories, from major events like the Academy Awards to collections of your favorite actors, directors and franchises.

TV Show Tracking: Keep track of the shows you’re currently watching and the ones you want to watch in the future. The improved design works well on web and apps and has new filters to help you stay updated on the latest episodes. Your viewing choices are now more flexible and personalized than ever before.

We are excited to introduce a feature that has been requested a lot: Customizable lists- easy to create,
share and follow. Our users can finally have several lists to separate date night movies from friends’
recommendations, movies they are interested in but will probably never watch, and movies for different
moods, plot points, etc. We are really looking forward to seeing how it will be used.

-David Croyé, Founder and CEO of JustWatch

Benefits Of JustWatch Lists

Organize Your Obsessions: Stop wasting time scrolling through endless options. With Lists, you can create personalized categories for movies and shows you want to watch. Craving a comedy night? Make a “Must-See Laughs” list. Feeling nostalgic? Curate a “Childhood Classics” list. The possibilities are endless!

Prioritize Your Picks: Not everything on your radar deserves equal attention. Lists allow you to prioritize your viewing. Add that new documentary you’re interested in to your “Watch Soon” list, while relegating that superhero movie your friend raved about to a “Maybe Later” list.

Never Miss a Release: The “Coming Soon” section of your Lists keeps you updated on upcoming movies and shows across all your streaming services. Add titles that pique your interest and get notified when they’re available to stream, ensuring you never miss a premiere.

Share the Stream: JustWatch Lists aren’t just for you! Share your curated lists with friends and family, turning movie nights into collaborative adventures. Recommend hidden gems from your “Underrated Treasures” list or spark discussions with your “Cult Classics” picks.

Access Across Devices: The beauty of JustWatch Lists? They’re accessible from any device you use to access JustWatch. Whether you’re browsing on your laptop or using the JustWatch app on your phone, your lists are always there, keeping your watchlist organized and readily available.

Creating JustWatch Lists

Creating a list on JustWatch is simple. Look for the “List” icon (it may vary depending on the device you’re using) next to the movie or show title. Give your list a descriptive name and categorize it if you wish. You can access and manage your lists from your JustWatch account, allowing you to edit, delete, or share them with others.

These new features are available for all mobile app users and on the JustWatch website.

About JustWatch

JustWatch is the biggest international streaming guide with over 40 million users across 140 countries. JustWatch aggregates hundreds of streaming services and makes it easy to find out where you can legally watch movies, TV shows and sports.

JustWatch monetizes its website and apps through partnerships with streaming services and ads and uses the data and audience insights of its platform to manage scalable media buying campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for many of the world’s biggest movie studios and streaming services.

JustWatch is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has offices in Paris, Munich, London and Rome
and has over 200 employees.

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