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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, JJ Barnes introduces the new website, The Table Read Magazine, and explains how the change will impact readers and contributors.

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Written by JJ Barnes

Dear Readers

Welcome to our new website! As you’ll see, it’s pretty much identical to our previous website; all the same articles, all the same logos, and all the same social media. However, we are now known as The Table Read Magazine, and our new url is

This rebranding shouldn’t effect you too much, but please be patient with us while we make the transition.

How Will It Impact Readers?

In theory, there should be little to no impact on readers. All our articles are still in place, we will just post new content to this domain instead of our old one. However, if you click any links on social media that are to our old site, that content is still there and will not be deleted. The only change will be new content is posted to this site not the old one, and all future promotion will be bringing you to this site.

How Will It Impact Contributors?

We will continue to promote your work with articles, interviews, videos, and reviews so that our audience can discover and enjoy your work. The only change will be the URL is updated to The Table Read Magazine, and all new content will be posted here. However, please don’t worry about losing your original posts or having any of your links broken, the old site is remaining in place and content will not be lost.

If you are able to support this change by updating any future sharing you do to be the new address, it will make the transition easier for us and our readers.

Thank You From Our Team

Over the last two years, we have had so much love and support from our amazing readers, and worked with some fantastically talented and wonderful contributors. As our team grows and we expand to bring in more opportunities, we hope to keep doing what we love and sharing the amazing creativity we are finding all around the world.

Thank you so much for being part of this project and supporting this change. I hope we can keep growing together!

JJ x








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