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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, Nelly Jelly (locally known as Kakė Makė), a Lithuanian children’s megabrand, has expanded its intellectual property onto a variety of platforms, including theatre productions, a blockbuster movie, events, and YouTube.

Nelly Jelly

The children’s market has grown significantly in recent years due to the worldwide demand for children’s content. Over 2.3 million books have been purchased by Nelly Jelly, a national children’s brand, in Lithuania alone. Young readers have fallen in love with this beloved character because of her wit, creativity, and curiosity. With 30,000 copies printed for their most famous titles, the IP has accomplished a critical achievement contrasted with the local market’s normal average of 3,000 copies.

Nelly Jelly on The Table Read Magazine
Nelly Jelly

Nelly Jelly is now looking for co-production partners with animation studios and global broadcasters in order to expand beyond its local market: The IP hopes to further increase brand awareness through publishing and licensing opportunities abroad in conjunction with animation projects, drawing on their successful merchandising record.

The enchanting character for children

In Lithuania, the name Nelly Jelly (or Kakė Makė, as it is referred to locally) has come to symbolize wonder and imagination in children. Her experiences are chronicled in many books, including picture books, reference books, sound books, and movement books. The Mess Mess Gnome and children’s toys that are in disarray go missing in one of the most popular books. This story shows kids the importance of responsibility, as well as assisting parents with helping to develop their children’s emotional intelligence. Kids are normally inquisitive about why their parents demand cleanliness and orderliness, and Nelly Jelly has tracked down the answers to these questions.

The group behind the IP has confidence in the power of youngsters seeing themselves in Nelly Jelly, who feels engaging to families since she answers ordinary questions in an enchanting manner, from what happens if children don’t brush their teeth, to the importance of friendship in a story of children lost in the woods before meeting a witch. Imagination is the key to the success of Nelly Jelly!

Simona Krasauskien, Nelly Jelly’s CEO, who was instrumental in the company’s significant turnaround three years ago asks, what is it that children need and need? Nelly Jelly is about understanding what children are curious about, what questions they have, and what challenges they face. They felt that the character had expanded beyond simply books, and had outgrown the two-dimensionality; they realized that kids needed more. Children want to hear, see, and touch their childhood friend Nelly Jelly, as well as other beloved characters from these books.

Extending past books

After the success of Nelly Jelly’s kids’ book series, the cherished character will be available in new channels, including theatrical creations, events, and YouTube. The IP’s success across various channels is a demonstration of the devotion of the fans, according to Greta Stankutė, the brand improvement director. Nelly Jelly’s content aims to educate, inspire, and entertain children, and their team are enthusiastic about kids, keeping up with worldwide trends, and developing their content to stay relevant and engaging for children now and in the future.

Nelly Jelly has benefited from the enthusiasm of children to explore content on YouTube, and their channel has now reached north of 58 million views since 2018. Even though technology and children’s needs continue to change and grow, the brand is still committed to inspiring and educating children across multiple platforms.

The IP has also ventured into theatrical productions, bring its cherished characters to a live audience. The creation changes the narratives from the books into vivid dramatic encounters, with entertainers that captivate and inspire their audience. These productions have been very popular, drawing in a steady flow of audiences, and frequently selling out not long after tickets going on sale.

Nelly Jelly on The Table Read Magazine
Nelly Jelly

Plans to globally extend

Simona Krasauskienė explained that Nelly Jelly is an ever evolving story that keeps on capturing the imaginations of chilren through new books, live performances, and events. Together, Nelly Jenny and her young audience learn and develop.

Nelly Jelly: My Movie, is the first blockbuster animation of its kind. The film’s release is a demonstration of the brand’s success across all platforms, ranking first in the country in the week of the film’s release, outperforming even the eagerly awaited Super Mario Brothers Film.

The creators of Nelly Jelly are looking for experienced and well-known animation studios to collaborate on the co-production of projects in order to bring the character’s stories to a wider range of young audiences worldwide and expand the intellectual property into international markets.

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