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New on The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in his latest book, Maybe You Should Give Up, Byron Morrison shares the seven mental barriers we all need to overcome if we want to get out of our own way and take control of our lives.

Maybe You Should Give Up

Best-selling author Byron Morrison’s latest self-help book, Maybe You Should Give Up, explains how often we are subconsciously responsible for sabotaging our own chances of achieving our goals and living the life we want. The seven mental obstructions talked about in this book at first feel in conflict with the much expected transformative epiphany, however, ultimately it reveals the factors that actually stand in the way of our success. Maybe You Should Give Up is about breaking down those barriers as you learn how to stop holding onto the things that are preventing you from living the life you want.

Maybe You Should Give Up, Byron Morrison on The Table Read Magazine
Maybe You Should Give Up, Byron Morrison

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=1636980643After realising that he was the cause of his own problems, Byron Morrison knows precisely how disappointing the endless pattern of difficult work, assumption, and minimal results can be. Fed up with going ’round around and around, Byron Morrison acknowledged he needed to do things differently. He gave up on being controlled by fear, rather than on his goals and dreams, or accepting a life of mediocrity on the couch. He stopped clinging to the past. He stopped making comparisons to other people. He stopped being so critical of himself. Additionally, he stopped putting off his happiness.

Maybe You Should Give Up is Morrison’s answer to the question: how can anyone make their dreams come true if hard work isn’t enough?

Self Help Guide

It seems like each self help guide and self-awareness program is similar nowadays, teaching that it somebody simply accomplishes more and pushes harder, they can achieve their dreams. This assumption doesn’t often have long term results, which means many people never achieve their goals, because, despite their good intentions, they get in their own way, sabotaging themselves and eventually becoming the biggest obstacle in their success.

This game-changing book needs to be at the top of this year’s reading list for anyone who is determined to live the life of their dreams. It is counterintuitive, inspiring, and empowering.

Maybe You Should Give Up teaches you to throw out the rule books, think outside the box, and do things differently. Byron Morrison’s methodology helps readers to recognise 7 parts of their life that make them get in their own way, and keep them caught in a self destructive cycle. He shows people how to give up on what stops them from living the life they want and deserve.

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Byron Morrison

Byron Morrison on The Table Read Magazine
Byron Morrison

Byron Morrison is a best-selling author as well as a mindset and performance coach who specializes in helping people in overcoming obstacles and taking charge of their lives.

For the last 8+ years, he has worked with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders from around the world to help the achieve their full potential. His books and work have been featured on television, and promoted on radio and podcasts internationally.

Currently based in Warwick, UK, Bryon Morrison has collaborated with clients in 15 nations, primarily in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America.

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