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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, mermaids will be performing in a mermaid lagoon at the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall for the first time!

The magical 3 Wishes Fairy Festival, taking place in Cornwall in June, will be hosting mermaids for the first time. A mermaid lagoon with real mermaids will be a highlight of the event at Mount Edgcumbe.

Mermaid Lagoon at the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival on The Table Read
Mermaid Lagoon

The festival is vegan, family and dog friendly.

Mermaid Lagoon

A mermaid lagoon, complete with ‘real’ mermaids will be one of the highlights of the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival in Cornwall in June.

The lagoon, which has been months in the planning, is an elaborate set allowing ‘real life’ mermaids to meet and greet guests at the festival which takes place from Friday 17 June to Sunday 19 June at Mount Edgcumbe country estate, near Torpoint.

Karen Kay

Founder Karen Kay said: “There have been so many mermaid sightings around the world and especially in Cornish legends, so I’m super-excited to introduce the magical mermaid lagoon to my festival, where we get to glimpse at these mythological creatures.”

A family and pet-friendly event, the festival will feature hundreds of workshops, talks and performances, a big top circus and music among its attractions (all included in the ticket price).

Alongside the entertainment many festival-goers will be embracing their inner ‘fairies’ or ‘elves’ creating a fun and colourful experience for everyone. The mermaids will also be able to share their tips and hints about how to embrace being a mermaid!

Karen Kay, The Fairy Lady, The Table Read
Karen Kay, The Fairy Lady

“The mermaids are travelling across the seven seas to share their watery wisdom with adults and children alike at my magical midsummer gathering in Cornwall!” Karen said.

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3 Wishes Fairy Festival

After a two-year break, the 2022 festival promises to be even more magical with fantasy creatures such as gnomes, elves, pixies and fairies wandering the site and fairy tea parties celebrating the festival’s 16th birthday. There will also be lantern making and a lantern dusk parade for families, allowing everyone to show off their creations. All workshops are included in the ticket price.

The festival was founded by the former BBC journalist in 2007. Karen, who lives near Truro, is a fairy author and is known as The Fairy Lady. She was guided to create a Midsummer gathering by the fairies she has been communicating with since she was a child.

For three days and nights, the grounds of Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park on the outskirts of Torpoint will be transformed into a magical haven. Day tickets for the festival are available and paid for parking is available. For those wishing to stay, the event accommodates tents, caravans and campervans and there’s also a glamping option to rent bell tents, ‘shire’ homes and traditional caravans. A camping area for disabled festival-goers does need to be booked in advance.

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Ticket prices start at £40 for adults for a day pass with free admittance for children under the age of seven.

Food on site is vegan and it is a festival which prides itself on being both family and dog-friendly.

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