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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, we check out research into which artists have the most popular music merchandise in the UK.

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As well as chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts – an artist’s success can be measured by something more long lasting: their merchandise. But which artists reign supreme when it comes to coveted t-shirts, hoodies, and phone cases?

New research has delved into the world of music merch in the UK, uncovering the artists whose logos and lyrics adorn the backs of countless fans. Whether you’re a die-hard metalhead or a pop music devotee, this post is sure to spark your curiosity (and maybe even a shopping spree!). So, grab your favorite band tee and get ready to discover which artists have the most loyal (and stylish) followings in the UK. We’ll be revealing the top contenders, analyzing the trends, and exploring what makes certain artists’ merch so coveted.

The research, carried out by the promotional products company, involved an analysis of the online search volumes for Billboard’s Top 100 artists of 2023. The study used 1,218 keywords within Google Keyword Planner and by calculating average monthly figures in the UK since January 2023, unveiled which merchandise fans want to purchase the most.

Most Popular Music Merchandise In The UK

Rank Musician UK Search Volume 
     1     Taylor Swift     41,845 
     2     Harry Styles     28,776 
     3     Lana Del Rey     18,087 
     4     The Weeknd     9,915 
     5     Metallica     9,425 
     6     Beyoncé     8,974 
     7     Guns N’ Roses     8,147 
     8     Fleetwood Mac     8,133 
     9     Billie Eilish     7,646 
     10     Eminem     7,506 

Taylor Swift

The data analysis indicated a significant interest in Taylor Swift’s merchandise among the British public, with an average of 41,845 monthly searches. Taylor Swift not only leads globally with 596,195 searches worldwide, surpassing artists like Ed Sheeran by twelve times, but her Eras tour also boasts an estimated nightly gross of £10 million, attracting 72,000 spectators per show.

From scrapbooks to friendship bracelets, Taylor Swift’s merchandise spans a variety of items, with the most sought-after product being ‘Taylor Swift t-shirt’, which accumulates 7,016 monthly searches. 

What Makes Taylor Swift Merch So Popular?

  • Meaningful Designs: Taylor’s merch often features lyrics, easter eggs, and references that resonate deeply with fans. Owning a piece of merch can be a way of showing appreciation for a song or album that has impacted your life.
  • Quality and Design: Taylor’s merch is known for its high quality and stylish designs. From classic t-shirts to cozy hoodies, the pieces are designed to be worn and loved for a long time.
  • Collectible Value: Limited edition items and vintage finds can become valuable collectibles for dedicated Swifties. The thrill of the hunt and the joy of owning a unique piece adds to the allure of Taylor’s merch.
  • Community Connection: Wearing Taylor Swift merch is a way to connect with other fans. It’s a conversation starter, a way to identify fellow Swifties, and a symbol of shared love for Taylor’s music.

Harry Styles

The second most searched merchandise belongs to Harry Styles, who racks up an average monthly search volume of 28,776 and a global volume of 161,537. With a substantial fanbase of over 55,100,000 monthly Spotify listeners, this Grammy-winning musician experiences massive demand for his merchandise, offering everything from makeup magazines to cassettes. 

Why is Harry Styles Merch So Popular?

  • More Than Just a Logo: Harry’s merch is known for its artistic approach. Designs often incorporate themes, iconography, and lyrics from his music, creating a deeper connection for fans.
  • High-Quality and Sustainable: Sustainability is a priority for Harry. His merch is often made with eco-friendly materials and ethically sourced production, making it a conscious choice for fans.
  • A Fashion Statement: From the androgynous cuts of Pleasing to the bold graphics on tour tees, Harry’s merch allows fans to embrace his unique style and express their individuality.
  • A Supportive Community: Owning a piece of Harry Styles merch is a way to connect with the vibrant fan community. It’s a conversation starter, a symbol of shared love for Harry’s music, and a way to celebrate his creativity.

Lana Del Rey

Following is Lana Del Rey, with fans conducting an average of 63,161 monthly searches for her merchandise range. As a best-selling artist, she has earned six Grammy nominations and even a Golden Globe throughout her career. Lana Del Rey also holding the third position globally with 157,337 monthly searches, has a diverse range of items such as brass lighters and racing jackets, while her most sought-after product, vinyl, has 3,950 monthly searches. 

Why is Lana Del Rey Merch So Coveted?

  • Aesthetics Over Logos: Unlike some artists whose merch focuses solely on logos, Lana’s merch is about capturing a mood and aesthetic. The vintage fonts, floral patterns, and celestial imagery resonate with fans who connect with Lana’s melancholic beauty and cinematic soundscapes.
  • Collectible Value: Limited-edition drops and vintage finds can become valuable collectibles for Lana Del Rey’s devoted fanbase. The thrill of owning a rare piece or a unique design adds to the allure of Lana’s merch.
  • A Community Connection: Wearing Lana Del Rey merch is a way to connect with other fans. It’s a conversation starter, a symbol of shared love for her music, and a way to celebrate the unique world she’s created.

The Weeknd

Next on the list is The Weeknd, who already dominates his online following with an impressive 68.9 million Instagram followers. Having risen to fame in 2015, his collaborations since have included the likes of Ariana Grande, 21 Savage and Madonna. With 9,915 monthly searches and an additional 94,450 global searches, his sought-after merchandise features everything from keyrings to action figures, with the term ‘The Weeknd t-shirt’ generating up to 1,844 average monthly searches.  

Why is The Weeknd Merch So Captivating?

  • More Than Just a Logo: The Weeknd’s merch is about capturing a mood and experience. The dark color palettes, cryptic symbols, and references to his music videos create a sense of mystery and intrigue, allowing fans to feel like they’re part of a secret club.
  • High-Quality Design: The Weeknd’s merch is known for its premium quality and stylish design. From the comfortable fabrics of t-shirts to the intricate details on limited edition pieces, each item feels like a worthwhile investment for fans.
  • A Community Connection: Wearing The Weeknd merch is a way to connect with other fans in the “XO” community. It’s a conversation starter, a symbol of shared love for his music, and a way to celebrate the dark and captivating world he’s created.


Rounding out the top five, Metallica holds a monthly search volume of 9,425 monthly searches. Globally, the band ranks fourth at 111,527 monthly worldwide searches. Established in 1981, Metallica has solidified their rock and roll legacy, selling over 125 million albums worldwide and performing almost 2,300 concerts. Their merchandise collection spans a diverse range, from wine tumblers to drumsticks. 

Why is Metallica Merch So Iconic?

  • More Than Just a Band Tee: Metallica merch transcends the typical band t-shirt. The designs often reference iconic songs, albums, and imagery, creating a deeper connection for fans who understand the references.
  • High-Quality and Durable: Metallica merch is known for its quality. T-shirts are made from comfortable, long-lasting fabrics, and limited edition items are crafted with care, ensuring they become cherished keepsakes.
  • A Legacy in Every Stitch: Owning a piece of Metallica merch is a way to connect with the band’s rich history and enduring legacy. From the early days of “Kill ‘Em All” to the arena-filling anthems of “…And Justice for All,” each piece can represent a different era of Metallica’s journey.
  • A Global Community: Wearing Metallica merch is a badge of honor for Metalliheads worldwide. It’s a conversation starter, a symbol of shared love for the band’s music, and a way to connect with a global community of fans united by their love for thrash metal.


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The research took every artist from Billboard’s Top 100 Artists of 2023 and used 1218 keywords within Google Keyword Planner to analyse which musicians had the most in-demand merchandise in the US, the UK and the globe. Some examples of the keywords used included ‘J. Cole merchandise’, ‘Elton John mug’ and ‘Harry Styles t-shirt’. 

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