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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Mother Earth Is Calling You: Winter Wisdom is the first book by Sonraya Grace, an Earth Wisdom Keeper, Rebirth Doula, and Intuitive Channel who has a passion for supporting the global shift toward unity consciousness.

Mother Earth Is Calling You

As Sonraya walked the path of the wise woman, writing this book has been a labor of love for her for the past ten years. In 2000, she began her own spiritual and awakening journey, receiving guidance to lead circles of wise women. It was revealed that White Buffalo Calf Woman would write about her path to empower others after meeting her at a ceremony. She started writing, but she stopped because she had to move her family to Poole. This was in 2012, when she started the networking group “Creative Women in Business” to help local business owners develop their confidence in the feminine energy and grow.

Mother Earth Is Calling You by Sonraya Grace on The Table Read Magazine
Mother Earth Is Calling You

Sonraya was inspired to finish the book she was urged to start and begin to share the wisdom she had accumulated over the years by those more than two decades in circle as well as her subsequent menopause journey in the year 2020.

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Divine Feminine

Sonraya lovingly leads the reader on a powerful inner journey to recall the deep magic and wisdom of Winter and to access creative power as a Wise Woman and cyclical being.

With beautiful sacred ceremonies, guided meditations, exercises in feminine embodiment, and inspiring journal prompts that support you to feel nourished and empowered, this book teaches the reader about the wisdom of Nature’s Winter and how the outer seasons mirror your inner seasons.

The reader will travel with Sonraya and gain access to powerful activations that will awaken the power of the Divine Feminine; improve your comprehension of what it entails to be a cyclical being. Utilize the support of your ancestors to heal wounds and reap the benefits of your ancestors.

Sonraya Grace

“For too long, the Divine Feminine, has been cast aside, forgotten, and ridiculed,” explained Sonraya Grace. “We’ve learnt to believe that darkness is to be feared, when in truth, it is a place of potent magic, wisdom, and powerful transformation. Winter is a time to go within, to let go, shed our burdens and regenerate ready for the Spring”.

Sonraya Grace on The Table Read Magazine
Sonraya Grace

Sonraya Grace is an intuitive channel, rebirth doula, and Earth Wisdom Keeper who is dedicated to facilitating the global shift toward unity consciousness. She leads women on transformative journeys to activate and embody their Sacred Feminine Wisdom and Sacred Masculine Power together.

Sonraya hosts gatherings both online and in person for people who want to harness cyclical living and become more feminine.

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The Unbound Press

Author, writing coach, and radio host Nicola Humber established the soul-led publishing imprint for unbound women known as The Unbound Press. Nicola started the Unbound Press to help women write the book that their Unbound Self is calling them to write and to build a community of soul-family readers and customers at the same time.

Unbound Writing, Heal Your Inner Good Girl, and UNBOUND are three transformative books by Nicola. She is also the founder of the Unbound Writing Mastermind, a group that fosters profound creativity and transforms lives.

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Available from Amazon £15.99 / kindle £8.99 @sarahsonraya and 

Facebook: @Nicola Humber

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