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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best arts magazine in the UK“, Natalia Petruch has launched her luxury fashion brand, focusing on sustainability, romance and elegance, with custom made pieces and one off garments.

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Sustainable Luxury

Breaking the mould of traditional luxury, Natalia Petruch has redefined elegance with a fusion of timeless romance and eco-conscious luxury.

We want our customers to understand that we care about them, and that we’re taking responsibility for the products and additional waste we produce with it.

-Natalia Petruch
Natalia Petruch Collection on The Table Read Magazine
Natalia Petruch Collection

Natalia Petruch’s inaugural collection weaves an enchanting narrative, drawing inspiration from historical motifs to create a modern expression of romance. With nostalgia, melancholy, and a touch of modern femme fatale converge, this collection transcends conventional boundaries.

Natalia Petruch also invites customers to send the used items back to recycle them, incorporating them into the next sampling. They have an idea to create one off garments using previously loved items to give them a second life. Additionally, the brand offers alterations and mending services, ensuring vitality and prolonged life for each product.

Breaking the norm, Natalia Petruch chooses an online-exclusive platform, producing most items on demand for an eco-friendlier approach. The connection with customers transcends the transactional, with a strong presence on social media creating a community around the brand.

Natalia Petruch on The Table Read Magazine
Natalia Petruch

In a world of choices, Natalia Petruch emerges as a beacon of sophistication, where elegance is redefined, and sustainability is elevated to an art form.

Natalia Petruch

Graduating from the London College of Fashion in 2017, Natalia Petruch seamlessly transitioned into a dynamic professional career, collaborating with esteemed names in the fashion industry.

In 2023, propelled by a genuine passion for enchantment and individuality, Natalia embarked on the journey of creating her own brand. This endeavour mirrors her dedication to infusing fashion with a touch of magic and a distinctive perspective.

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