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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Welsh Gold King by Norena Shopland shares the story of William Pritchard Morgan, who took the Welsh gold mining industry to his heart and became an overnight hero.

The Welsh Gold King

From leaving his homeland and spending the first forty years of his life in Australia trying to make his fortune, to getting back to his Welsh roots and changing the country’s gold mining industry, William Pritchard Morgan was a Welshman that had accomplishment at the forefront of his mind.

In her new biography, The Welsh Gold King, Norena Shopland write about William Pritchard Morgan’s determination, business acumen, boldness and politics, as well as what the legacy of his work actually means for on UK life today, including why women wear Welsh wedding rings and how his liberal governmental issues molded the Labour Party of today. But it is Shopland’s enthusiasm for everything Welsh, and her detailed attention combined with endless energy, that makes The Welsh Gold King such a wonderful read.

This superb exploration of a life that deserves to be remembered, The Welsh Gold King is a must-read biography, even for readers with no connection to Wales.

Norena Shopland

Norena Shopland is a Welsh author and historian who specialises in the history of gender identity and sexuality. Her book, Taboo Lives: The first book on Welsh LGBTQ+ history, is entirely historical is LGBT stories from Wales, published by Seren Books in 2017. Queering Glamorgan (free download from Glamorgan Archives) and A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records (Routledge, 2020) have become popular for people doing research.

Norena Shopland on The Table Read Magazine
Norena Shopland

In 2021 Shopland was commissioned by the Welsh Government to provide LGBTQ+ training to libraries, museums, and Welsh archives, the only government in the world to have done so.

A History of Women in Men’s Clothes: from cross-dressing to empowerment (Pen and Sword Books, 2021) investigates how women escaped societal restrictions by cross dressing. In addition, Shopland studies and writes about Welsh history, including The Welsh Gold King: the life of William Pritchard Morgan (Pen and Sword Books, 2022) and his contribution in the last gold rush in the UK; also, Women in Welsh Coal MiningTip Girls at Work in a Men’s World (Pen and Sword Books, forthcoming 2023) the untold story of women working in the Welsh coal industry.

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