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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, following her own experiences, Zoe Dronfield shares how she brought about changes in the law for domestic abuse, stalking and family court practices in her new book, Mind Over Manipulators.

Mind Over Manipulators

Written to support those who have been through the woefully outdated family court system following experiences with domestic abuse and stalking, Zoe Dronfield’s Mind Over Manipulators shares a blisteringly honest (sometimes hard to read) record of her assault. and how she used the experience to make sure the victim’s perspective is the focal point of the UK’s domestic abuse law.

In the wake of being abused and nearly murdered, Zoe Dronfield was then hauled through family court to fight for custody of her four-year-old daughter, who was under the care of the man who used it as an opportunity for revenge. Simultaneously, Zoe was being threatened from prison by her abuser, and had to learn how to navigate both the criminal and family legal systems.

Zoe Dronfield set out to change how society sees the people who have been abused by their partners, and channeled her pain and disappointment to help other people, specifically around serial domestic abusers and stalkers, the most dangerous kind, and family law practices, which have been seen as outdated and unfair for a long time.

With Mind Over Manipulators, she offers hope, teaches readers the red flags to look out for, and validates the feelings of survivors.

With a foreword written by MP Jess Phillips, Mind Over Manipulators has received praise and recognition from many high profile women. An empowering, sympathetic and insightful read, Mind Over Manipulators has, at its heart, the author’s conviction that victims can not just survive beyond their abuse, but also have the ability to thrive.

Zoe Dronfield

Zoe Dronfield on The Table Read Magazine
Zoe Dronfield

Zoe is a survivor of a high-profile domestic abuse case, having been tortured and held prisoner for more than 8 hours. while she did escape with her life, she was then exposed to a justice system that believes is broken.

Using her 20+ years of expert experience working in the public sector, including health, law enforcement and local authorities, and services that support government policy, and having ran a child protection agency, she can see plainly where the system is failing, so is compelled to make a difference.

A regular commentator in the media, Zoe is a campaigner for women’s rights, and survivors of domestic abuse and stalking. She has brought about major changes in both the criminal and family justice framework, using her own experiences to highlight failing and has changed legislation to close loopholes.

Zoe is on the Trust Board of Paladin National stalking advocacy service, the first trauma informed service for high-risk victims of stalking and sits on the Victim & Witness Engagement Group at Ministry of Justice (MoJ) inputting into court reform.

Zoe has even incorporated her keen interest in property to help others and owns a property portfolio in her home city Coventry, where she works with local charities to house victims of abuse and homelessness.

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