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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK” How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce!) by Christel Cowdrey shares how she ended her marriage without remorse or resentment in order to move on with dignity.

Empowering Divorce Story

This book, which was released on February 21, 2023, will be impossible to put down for anyone going through a divorce and hoping to find peace, the love of their children, and a bright future as a result.

The reader is introduced to a woman whose determination, courage, and self-belief win the day in order to allow her twin sons to thrive and not to blacken every precious memory with acrimony and bitterness by the author’s eloquent and refreshingly honest account of her experience.

How To Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce) by Christel Cowdrey on The Table Read Magazine
How To Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce)

A remarkable and empowering read that will be read over and over again; Thank you, author, for sharing your “path” to inner peace and a new future.

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How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce!)

When Christel got divorced from her husband, it was expected that she would fall into a hole and join the “divorced women’s club,” which kept its mouth shut. Instead, she pledged to keep her sanity for her children and those around her, refrain from making any negative remarks, and move forward into a new space.

She was not going to embody any bitterness or repeat the mistakes she had witnessed as a teenager, despite the fact that a quarter of a century had fallen around her. The memory of her parents’ failed marriage held her attention. She was prepared to leave without retribution, an action that would have tarnished every precious memory, and when many waited for her to launch an attack, they were disappointed and confused.

Concerned was aware that their sons would observe and record every move and word; She resented parents’ lack of thought and their ability to inflict such pain on their children while they were absorbed in their grief. The entirety of their lives—the lives of four people and three dogs—were the focus of her marriage—or, in this instance, the end of it.

Today, harmony reigns; she remembers that her mission was accomplished and that she won.

A family cannot be extinguished.

You can move on into a new chapter and let go of the past.

The #1 Writing Tool

Christel Cowdrey

Christel Cowdrey thinks it was a relief for her to start writing about her experience. Her thoughts were simply written on a blank page; there was no specific plan. She believes that she was conscious of trying to find a balance between her sadness and the changes in her immediate environment, conscious of the fact that letting go was a certain, positive action.

She had made her decisions instinctively, and she was careful to pay attention to any warning signs and address them head-on. During what they perceived to be a deluge of emotions on a journey that made no stops along the way, she was aware that her health and the peace of her sons depended on it.

Christel Cowdrey on The Table Read Magazine
Christel Cowdrey

Nonetheless, she discovered that she put things off for a very long time—seven years! She was concerned that she might break the promises she had made to those she loved forever. She began to finish what she had begun after reassuring herself that she was writing in love and was not intending to cause unrest in her soul.

She discovered that her flow continued uninterruptedly until she encountered The End, a complete stop. She also hoped that just one person would consider the impact of how our thoughts change; the uncontrollable power we give our children, especially, almost always unconsciously. She realized that she was the only person who could ruin her life and that the only other option was to start seriously submitting to forgiving every ounce of her hurt.

The solution was contained within her mess-infused message.

A New Life

Like his father before him, her former “fired” husband is a spectacularly devoted father. He is aware that she wrote this book. He is aware that it disregards his choices; They are solely his, and the book is not a rebuke.

Her twin sons are the offspring of her so-called “chosen” husband. He is a decent man who has a great deal of respect for the way her marriage ended: without any exchanges of horror or drama; without conflict or cruelty. They are in a warm place of gratitude, harmony, and understanding because they know each other better than anyone else. She believes that contributes significantly to a peaceful life.

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Published by Cranthorpe Millner Publishers, How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps (A Miraculous Divorce!) (ISBN: 978-1-80378-079-5) is published on 21st February 2023 and is available in paperback (£8.99)and Kindle (£1.99) format.

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