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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, inspirational children’s book, Yes You Can, Ola! by Pamela Ogunleye inspires children to believe in themselves and celebrates the unconditional commitment of mothers.

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Yes You Can, Ola! by Pamela Ogunleye on The Table Read Magazine
Yes You Can, Ola! by Pamela Ogunleye

Yes You Can, Ola!

Super cute children’s book, Yes You Can, Ola! by Pamela Ogunleye, has instantly become a story time favourite, bursting with important life lessons about self-confidence, trying new experiences and overcoming fears.

Ola’s mama can do anything and Ola wants to be just like her – but she’s so little, she doesn’t feel like she can do anything at all. She can’t ride a bike or spell very well, and she’s terrified of thunderstorms! But with her loving mama’s support, Ola discovers that if she believes in herself, she can succeed at anything she tries!

Written to inspire young readers with inner confidence, Yes You Can, Ola! encourages boys and girls ages 4-6 to believe in themselves and embrace new experiences. The gorgeous illustrations and memorable characters bring a powerful message about the timeless value of parental support, reassurance, and encouragement in a young child’s life.

Author Pamela Ogunleye’s passion for storytelling shines through on every page, enthralling her young readers, parents, carers, teachers with the story of how Ola’s confidence increases, and her growing understanding of the importance of family, supportive relationships and the love of a mother for her children.

Pamela Ogunleye

Pamela Ogunleye is a passionate children’s author who loves to craft fun and uplifting tales that inspire kids to embrace their dreams, overcome their fears, and try new things.

As a firm believer in the power of stories to shape children’s attitudes and their self-image, Pamela wrote her debut book, Yes You Can, Ola! to provide kids and parents alike with a colourful adventure that cherishes the bond between mother and daughter. She aims to share the life-changing importance of self-belief, along with the essential role that supportive friends and family play in raising confident kids.

Pamela was born in the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, and she grew up in London. When not dreaming up her next story idea or working her day job in the Financial Service industry, Pamela enjoys dancing, yoga, and exploring the world.

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