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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in new book Where Are You?, Katie Herdman documents her husband Jim’s final months as he battled Parkinson’s disease, and later dementia, until his death in August 2020.

Where Are You by Katie Herdman on The Table Read
Where Are You?

Where Are You?

Originally written by Katie Herdman as her own “therapy” as she and her husband entered a new phase of life following his Parkinson’s diagnosis and inevitable decline; How are you doing? chronicles Jim’s triumphs and defeats over the course of his 18-month struggle against all odds.

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Katie is brutally candid, real, and does not hesitate to highlight her own flaws, frustrations, rage, and despair. In the emotional rollercoaster that is Where Are You?, she navigates a situation, that was never going to have a happy ending, with courage and fortitude that shines through on every page.

Katie Herdman’s decision to share her deepest thoughts will also inspire others to know that they are not alone in supporting people with terminal illnesses and those whose loved ones have sadly passed away. The proceeds from her book will be donated to Parkinson’s UK.

Katie Herdman

Katie Hermdman on The Table Read
Katie Herdman

“This is a diary I kept over the last 18 months of my husband’s life. Jim died on 17 August 2020 after suffering with Parkinson and dementia, which plunged, our previously happy life, gleaned through the diary’s flashbacks, into the pit of despair.”

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“We met in 1979, at the now closed down Piazza Coffee Bar in Dickins & Jones in Regent Street, when he was 40 years old and I was 25. At the time I was just visiting London from my native Italy and trying to improve my English.  What followed surprised Jim and all who knew him at the time – a 41 year relationship of deep love, laughter and companionship.”

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Published by LR Price Publications, Where Are You? is available in paperback (£9.99) on Amazon at

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