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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the UK“, GATE D5 by James Ally is a gay romance novel following Tom and Lucas who find love in the airport lounge.

Gay Romance

James Ally’s Gate D5 is a sensitive tale of infidelity, love and all the emotional ups and downs that make the real world go round, but which are often omitted from gay romantic literature or replaced by 24/7 sexual adventures.

GATE D5 by James Ally on The Table Read

Written in the first person and exploring themes of betrayal, anxiety, terrorism, grief, cultural homophobia and more, the readers are immersed in the emotions of protagonist, Tom, both at his lowest ebb and as the potential of rebuilding his life presents itself.

This engaging and poignant addition to the gay romance genre, will leave readers delighted to learn that part two of Tom’s story is already in the publishing pipeline.


In a world lost in sexuality, we forget what love is. We look for quick thrills in movies and books so we can feel good for a while. This book won’t let you do that. So if you are looking for erotic scenes here to give you a quick thrill, then this book is definitely not for you. Keep on looking.

The story deals with themes such as infidelity, anxiety, terrorism, grief, death, depression, attempted suicide, religious and cultural homophobia.

…but it is also about the love that finds you when you least expect it. Healing and hope for a better tomorrow.

Tom, betrayed by his husband, finds an escape in his work and frequent travels back and forth between countries. One day, while in transit at Amsterdam Airport, he meets Lucas. The two men discover how much they have in common. The airport becomes their regular meeting place, where they grow increasingly close. After they finally decide to be together, an unexpected tragedy destroys their plans forever. Seeing this might be his chance, Tom’s husband begins the struggle to save his marriage.

James Ally on The Table Read
James Ally

James Ally

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Born in Poland, James Ally moved to England for love. He currently divides his time between the two countries, working as a financier and business owner by day, and living as a poet and novelist by night. In his free time, he goes for long walks in the park and enjoys fruit teas while learning about human psychology, but mostly, he loves disappearing into the poetic world. 

His journey to becoming an author started with his personal life experience, which he shared with the world in an effort to spread hope that love always wins, even when it feels like everything is collapsing around us. 

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Independently published, Gate D5 is available in paperback (£12.99) and Kindle format (E8.99 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and

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