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On The Table Read, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, writer Francesco Matteuzzi and artist Marco Maraggi release new graphic novel about the life of street artist Banksy, His Name Is Banksy.

His Name Is Banksy by Francesco Matteuzzi and Marco Maraggi on The Table Read
His Name Is Banksy, A graphic novel by Francesco Matteuzzi and Marco Maraggi

Told in classic comic-book form, this graphic biography invites a new audience to learn about Banksy—and uses a pitch-perfect medium to convey the artist’s message that art is for the people.

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His Name Is Banksy

Banksy is arguably the most well-known street artist of all time. But we don’t actually know who he is. This is just one of many contradictions that are addressed in this enormously compelling graphic biography.

When two young Londoners are caught spray-painting graffiti on a city wall, they get to know each other while detained by the police. After they are released, they decide to make a film of Banksy’s life, tracing the arc of his career as they travel through the streets of London.

Readers will learn not only of Banksy’s politically charged art and the causes he championed, but also of its worldwide dissemination, museum exhibitions, and record-breaking auctions. While readers may not learn Banksy’s true identity, this uniquely graphic form of storytelling communicates the artist’s belief that art is for everyone, speaks to everyone, and is owned by everyone.

Francesco Matteuzzi and Marco Maraggi

Francesco Matteuzzi is a journalist and screenwriter. He teaches screenwriting and storytelling at the International School of Comics and is the author of Mark Rothko: The Story of His Life (Prestel).

Marco Maraggi is an illustrator and cartoonist with a passion for rock ‘n’ roll and street art. His illustration style originates from a deep interest in the history of comics. He collaborates with various publishers and international magazines.

About Prestel

Prestel is a leading independent publisher of books on art history, architecture, design, photography, fashion and children’s books. From pop culture and major exhibition catalogues to retrospectives and career-defining works, quality reigns throughout.

Find His Name Is Banksy now:

His Name is Banksys
Francesco Matteuzzi and Marco Maraggi

• Published by Prestel: Sept 06 (UK) and Oct 11 2022 (US)
• $ 24.95 | £ 18.99, ISBN: 978-3-7913-8881-6

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