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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Dr. Glenda Rivoallan’s new self help book, Resilient As Fudge: How to Rewire “YOU” for Resilience, Calm, and Optimal Wellbeing, is a one-stop self-development programme.

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Resilient As Fudge

Dr. Glenda Rivoallan uses metaphorical fudge’s firmness and softness to describe the journey to self-discovery in her new self help guide, Resilient As Fudge: How to Rewire “YOU” for Resilience, Calm, and Optimal Wellbeing. Guaranteed to pique the interest of all looking to reconnect, or find for the first time, their true joie de vivre, this new book has already achieved #1 in five categories on Amazon and follows two successful launches in London and Jersey.

Anxiety Relief, Naturally.

This immersive guide is practical, illustrated and easy to follow, with a full twelve month blueprint to becoming more resilient, including weekly ‘lifesaver’ questions and monthly themes, readers will learn to navigate all that life has to throw at them, and come out the other side well equipped and thriving.

Dr Glenda Rivoallan explains why, like fudge, to be resilient you need to have a balance of both firmness and softness. You know the recipe is right when you are thriving and living your best life.

Suitable for anyone regardless of where they are in their life voyage, Resilient As Fudge is an all-in-one book, journal and self-development programme, which integrates its insights into your life.

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Lessons In Resilient As Fudge

·        Get to the gist quickly

·        Use the images as a quick visual reference

·        Practice each idea using a weekly Life Saver exercise

·        Cut through much theory to give you big wisdom in minutes

Join Dr. Glenda Rivoallan on a twelve-month voyage of self-discovery to help you build your own resilience blueprint, tool kit and resilience backpack. Let this resilience guru teach you that the most important relationship we have is the one that we have with ourselves as she imparts her knowledge to take readers on a journey of lasting and revitalising change.

This book will help you to improve your wellbeing and happiness and, ultimately, be successful, whatever that looks like for you.

Dr. Glenda Rivoallan

Describing herself as an entrepreneur, wellness expert, and learning junkie, Dr. Glenda Rivoallan is extremely passionate about helping the maximum number of people live healthier lives. After spending the last thirty years in the wellness industry, studying exercise behaviour and trends, Dr. Rivolllan is steadfast in her belief that we should all be able to achieve success whilst maintaining a happy life through a commitment to our holistic wellbeing.

When she stumbled upon the practice of mindfulness, Dr. Rivoallan hit a turning point in her life and went on to study resilience in depth, and developed a newfound appreciation for the all-important mind-body connection and how to become Resilient as FUDGE!

Dr. Glenda Rivoallan on The Table Read Magazine
Dr. Glenda Rivoallan

Now, as she remains committed to the ongoing lifelong practise of the principles outlined in this book, and a life of practising and developing her resilience backpack, Dr. Rivoallan is hopeful that you, too, will discover the benefits of this incredible practice. By passing on the message, she hope to enable many more entrepreneurs to enjoy the journey ahead of them.

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Dr. Glenda Rivoallan’s Life

As CEO and founder of We Talk Wellbeing, Glenda’s vision is to take her unique resilience journey to the masses and support people in living their best life. Prior to We Talk Wellbeing, Glenda was founder and director of Soulgenic, which was sold to the world’s largest fitness franchise, Anytime Fitness, and the multiple-award-winning health club brand, Healthhaus. She has over 200 club openings under her belt, so it’s safe to say she knows her way around a gym.

Born in Scotland Glenda is now based on Jersey in the Channel Islands. She is married to Jean, has a son named Kaden, and a dog called Floyd. She loves nothing more than walking the dog with her family on one of Jersey’s beautiful beaches, which she says is a resilience habit all of its own.

A straight-talking businesswoman and regular guest speaker on the radio and at conferences on all things wellbeing, Glenda’s personal interest in the factors that lead to entrepreneurial success resulted in her studying the role of mindfulness in developing resilience in entrepreneurs.

She completed her Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) in 2019 and released her first bestselling book, Mindfulness for Wellbeing, the same year. The Mindfulness Advantage for Entrepreneurs (2020) was her second book in the series.

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