New YA Horror Is The Blair Witch Project For The TikTok Generation

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Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren, a co-author duo, have a new young adult/teen book now out. Horror Hotel from Underlined (debuted at #1 on Amazon in the teen supernatural category).

Victoria and Faith, authors of Horror Hotel, on The Table Read

This addictive YA horror novel about a group of teen ghost hunters who spend the night in a haunted LA hotel is The Blair Witch Project for the TikTok generation.

Horror Hotel

Along with writing a killer (literally) book that readers will be obsessed with, they have a really great breaking in story that I think your readers will totally be inspired by!

Turns out landing a book deal with a top 4 publisher doesn’t have to be the soul-sucking mystery it once was — and not only is it possible to land the book deal of your dreams, it’s possible to land it in just 5 days..via Twitter!

Say what?!

5 Day Book Deal

Victoria and Faith, authors of Horror Hotel, on The Table Read

Victoria and Faith responded to a call on Twitter by a major publishing house and went from having no new book idea to coming up with a plot, to an 11-page proposal + 5 sample chapters (40 pages) in just a few days, and only 5 days between submission to their new book, Horror Hotel getting an official offer!

Horror Hotel is considered “The 5 Day Book Deal” as it was created specifically for this Twitter opportunity completely from scratch. Some people spend decades trying to get published — but being ready to jump in and innovate when an opportunity hits your desk (or Twitter feed) is one of their cornerstones of their “breaking in” success.

Fast Paced And Freaky

The book just received this glowing endorsement from Kendare Blake, #1 NYT best selling author of All these Bodies, Three Dark Crowns, and Anna Dressed in Blood: “Fast-paced and freaky, horror hotel is a fun, ripped-from-the-headlines ghost-hunting adventure, perfect for fans of true crime. And people who always check underneath their hotel beds.”

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