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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, R.E. Boucher’s new novel, The Electi, is an intriguing tale of division between Anglia’s social classes, the Electi and the Treb, in a world where only two countries remain after the nuclear war.

YA Dystopia

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The Electi

ir?t=jjbarnes 21&language=en GB&l=li3&o=2&a=1800748337Written specifically with a YA audience in mind, R.E. Boucher delivers a compelling narrative that is not only hard to put down, but one that will resonate with its readership by way of its plausible characters and how it captures today’s YA zeitgeist. 

With a melting pot of characters that embrace ethnicity, cultural differences, sexuality and the big issues of the day(including climate change and global warfare), this novel is as much about the complexities of being on the cusp of adulthood (and embracing your uniqueness) as it is about finding justice in a dystopian post Nuclear War world.

A hugely impressive first novel that showcases the author’s innate storytelling skills as much as it does her passion for inclusivity and sensitivity, The Electi is guaranteed to find favour with its intended audience and pique their interest to read more from this inspiring new author.

The Electi

Earth as we know it has changed. Since the Nuclear War, it has become an unrecognisable place. Fresh air is a thing of the past, real food has been replaced with ‘simulated meal drinks’, and nobody can safely venture outside without a respirator. In Anglia, one of only two countries still standing, society has been divided into two social classes: Electi and Treb. The Electi rule over the Trebs, treating them with discrimination and hate. To be a Treb means experiencing the worst schools, homes, and jobs – and, of course, living in fear of what the Electi will do next.

As children of arguably the most prestigious and richest family in Anglia, Archie and Eva live a life of extreme privilege. However, everything is perhaps not as perfect as it seems – when one has access to anything they could desire, it brings attention to the things in life that can’t be bought, like friendship and family. As the siblings learn more and more about their father, President Ignatius Impero-Regnum, they begin to question if their life of luxury was worth the costs that came with it…

R. E. Boucher on The Table Read Magazine
R. E. Boucher

Meanwhile, twins AJ and Eloy, miraculously born during the height of the infertility crisis, are living in a poor Treb community. Unfortunately, their Treb status means life is not easy for them, but luckily, through thick and thin, they have their family and friends to rely on. However, when their best friend, Mizuki, discovers some extremely confidential files, everything seems to unravel, and their lives transpire into a whirlwind of chaos.

R.E. Boucher

R.E. Boucher is a teacher with a joint honors degree in English and music,. She is an experienced musician, and The Electi marks her first step into writing. She enjoys traveling, learning new languages, and performing with her local musical theater company in her spare time.

She lives in Dorset with her wife, Tash, their dog, Barkley, and their pet turtle, Boots.

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Published by Olympia Publishers on 30th March 2023



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