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On The Table Read, “the best book magazine in the the UK“, teen romance, You, Me And The Goldfish by M T Straker, is the first in a YA book series about teenage mental health.

You, Me And The Goldfish by M T Straker on The Table Read
You, Me And The Goldfish

M T Straker’s debut novel delights with her tale of Alexia Colin. Having to step up to the plate to support her mother, this evocative romance shares the ripple effect – good and not so good – her mother’s mental health has on Alexia’s own teenage life.

You, Me And The Goldfish

Drawing her young adult audience in from the start, the combination of the author’s accomplished character development and wealth of experience as a mental health nurse ensures the storyline’s authenticity, and makes You, Me and the Goldfish a very relatable read.

With a YA trilogy planned on the back of this first instalment, M T Straker has hit the literary ground running and feedback garnered to-date bodes well for future updates on life with Alexia and her mother, Jessica.

When shy Alexia meets the boy of her dreams, she realizes more than one painful truth about growing up and falling in love. Is it all worth it? She will have to answer this question for herself.

About M T Straker

M T Straker on The Table Read
M T Straker

M T Straker, a mental health nurse, used her own experiences as inspiration for her young adult romance, You, Me, and the Goldfish. Her first novel, this initial instalment launches a series.

Straker holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and subsidiary creative writing from Edge Hill University. She subsequently received her diploma in mental health nursing from Liverpool John Moores University. She is dedicated to helping and supporting those suffering with mental health problems.

Straker enjoys reading, yoga and fitness, and cooking. Married with one daughter, she lives with her husband in Spain.

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