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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, experts at Seat Compare share the premier league ticket prices for the upcoming 2023 football season.

Premier League Ticket Prices

The English Premier League season starts in August and fans are already booking tickets to watch their respective teams play. All Premier League teams offer a large number of season tickets to fans for all 19 home games. Prices for season tickets do vary, starting as low as £225 (Manchester City) all the way up to in excess of £3000 (Fulham).

Premier League Ticket Prices on The Table Read Magazine
Premier League Ticket Prices

Premier League ticket experts at Seat Compare, competed analysis the prices of all 20 Premier League teams and discovered some interesting figures:

Arsenal FC

North London team Arsenal FC have the highest prices in the league with their cheapest season ticket starting at £973.50. Whilst prices are high, the demand for Arsenal tickets remains high with their waiting list in excess of ten years. The Emirates stadium has a capacity of 66,000 with all games in the previous season being completely sold-out.

Fulham FC

Fulham FC made headlines this year when they announced ticket prices for their new Riverside stand would cost a record £3000, making it one of the most expensive in European football. Whilst owner Shahid Kahn invested over £120 million on the redevelopment of the stand, it appears those costs are being passed on to fans.

Manchester City

Current Premier League Champions Manchester City, offer the cheapest season ticket in the league, starting at £225 for 19 home games. The media have praised Manchester City for these low prices, especially considering the cost of living crisis in the UK.

Stable Prices

Only four teams in the Premier League (Brentford, Sheffield United, Tottenham & Chelsea) announced that prices would remain the same as the previous season.

Biggest Increase

The biggest increase by any Premier League team has been by Nottingham Forest with prices being raised by 20% across all areas of their stadium, The City Ground.

Table of a Single Season Ticket Price for the English Premier League 2023/2024 – Sorted by Highest Lowest Price.

Rank Club Lowest Highest
1 Arsenal £973.50 £1,895.50
2 Tottenham Hotspur £807.00 £2,015.00
3 Liverpool £699.00 £886.00
4 Aston Villa £610.00 £864.00
5 Chelsea FC £595.00 £940.00
6 Bournemouth £594.00 £821.00
7 Brighton £565.00 £895.00
8 Manchester United £559.00 £998.00
9 Crystal Palace £545.00 £895.00
10 Wolves £525.00 £833.00
11 Everton FC £515.00 £690.00
12 Newcastle United £504.00 £852.00
13 Nottingham Forest £465.00 £660.00
14 Fulham FC £455.02 £2,999.99
15 Luton Town £450.00 £510.00
16 Brentford FC £419.00 £549.00
17 Sheffield United £380.50 £490.50
18 Burnley FC £335.00 £500.00
19 West Ham United £309.92 £1,105.00
20 Manchester City £225.00 £1,030.00
*Prices for standard seating season tickets for a single adult.

New Premier League Signings

Fans are already looking forward to the new season starting in August with teams already making some major signings. Here are some of the biggest transfers for teams:

Liverpool: Alexis Mac Allister, Dominik Szoboslai

Arsenal: Kai Havertz

Chelsea: Christopher Nkunku, Kendry Paez, Nicolas Jackson

Manchester City: Mateo Kovacic

Newcastle United: Sandro Tonali

Tottenham Hotspur: Dejan Kulusevski, James Maddison

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