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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, a new study has found the most popular football shirts in the UK, with the Manchester United kit taking the top spot.   

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Football shirts are more than just clothing; they’re badges of honor, declarations of loyalty, and walking advertisements for your favorite team. But with so many clubs and designs to choose from, which jerseys reign supreme in the UK? A recent study has shed light on this burning question, uncovering the top contenders in the battle for football fashion dominance.

Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or simply curious about the current kit kings, buckle up! We’re diving deep into the data to reveal the most popular football shirts currently rocking the UK. Get ready for surprising stats, iconic jerseys, and maybe even a touch of friendly rivalry. So, grab your favorite scarf (or don your lucky shirt!), and let’s explore the beautiful game’s hottest fashion trends!

The research, conducted by football shirt retailer UKSoccerShop, used Google Keyword Planner to analyse nationwide searches for the shirts of Premier and Championship League teams over the last five years, identifying the teams with the most eager fans.     

The most popular football shirts of 2023 

Manchester United

Manchester United ranked first with the highest number of searches for their team’s football shirt, with 321,760 searches in 2023. In fact, the team’s kit has been the most popular for the past four years, consistently receiving the highest number of searches.  

Since 2014, Adidas have manufactured the iconic jerseys, replacing Nike as their official kit sponsor. In 2023, they renewed their partnership with a record-breaking £900 million deal, extending the club’s relationship with Adidas for another 10 years. 

Manchester United’s continued popularity identifies a strong connection between the club and its supporters. It’s no surprise they top the ranking as they also have the highest social media following with 63.3 million Instagram followers, revealing them as the team with the most devoted fans. 


Ranking in second place, Arsenal’s football shirts garnered an impressive 296,700 searches across 2023. The Gunners’ kit has firmly secured its position as the second favourite shirt, maintaining the second spot for two consecutive years.  

The club’s timeless charm has made their football shirts one of the most sought-after in the UK, with fans waiting excitedly each year for the annual kit release. Arsenal’s substantial fan base is undeniably advantageous, as the team is currently second in the League table.   


Ranking in third place, Liverpool’s kit was searched for over 235,000 times in 2023 alone. Liverpool is currently topping the League table and with their 44.3 million Instagram followers, there is always hope that their shirts could rise to number one next year.  

Manchester City

Despite winning the 2022-2023 Premier League for the third year in a row, Manchester City only placed fourth in the findings, with 183,020 searches in 2023. It appears that, despite their impressive on-field performance, there is comparatively less enthusiasm among fans for wearing the team’s jerseys. 

Manchester City’s ranking is even more surprising considering the presence of popular players such as Jack Grealish, who have made the team an appealing choice for fans. 


Despite currently ranking tenth in the League, Chelsea’s kit was the fifth most searched for last year, with over 170,000 searches. Their dark blue kit is clearly still a favourite among football fans and the team has plenty of supporters as evidenced by their 41.6 million Instagram followers.  

Popular Football Shirts

In sixth and seventh place are Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa football shirts, with 116,070 and 78,460 searches, respectively. Tottenham are currently ranked fifth in the Premier League, battling it out against Aston Villa who are fourth.  

The eighth and ninth spots go to Newcastle United and West Ham United, with 69,560 and 64,340 searches across the UK in 2023, respectively.  

Newcastle United’s iconic jerseys have made headlines across 2023 as the team decided to end their partnership with Castore, after multiple complaints concerning the quality of the shirts. Newcastle signed a five-year deal in 2023 with Adidas, who will be manufacturing the jerseys from the 2023/2024 season onwards.  

Meanwhile, West Ham United have continued their £7million deal with kit provider Umbro.  

Only just making it into the top ten, Everton football club had 38,230 searches last year for their shirts. Unfortunately, the team is currently ranked eighteenth in the League table, but it seems they still have plenty of supporters proudly wearing their shirts. 

Most searched-for football team shirts in 2023:   

      Rank      Football Team      Google Search Volume 
     1     Manchester United      321,760 
     2     Arsenal     296,700 
     3     Liverpool     235,270 
     4     Manchester City      183,020 
     5     Chelsea      170,720 
     6     Tottenham Hotspur     172,390 
     7     Aston Villa     124,210 
     8     Newcastle United     96,940 
     9     West Ham United     96,070 
     10     Everton      62,010 

Over the past five years, Manchester United has consistently taken the top spot with the most sought-after kit, except for 2019, when Liverpool shirts were the favoured kit.   

Liverpool and Arsenal battle for second and third place every year, leaving Manchester City and Chelsea to sit in either the fourth or fifth position. Despite ranking lower than Manchester United and Liverpool, appearing in the top five consistently indicates they still have a dedicated fan base.  

The data reflects the enduring popularity of Manchester United football shirts among fans. The club’s rich history and global fan base cements its position as a frontrunner in football shirt preferences.  

It’s fascinating to see which teams have the highest number of loyal and dedicated fans over the years. For fans, buying a football shirt is a great way to feel part of their team’s community, and many will delight in wearing them to support their favourite teams during the games. The power of fan support is not to be understated, and it is clear teams such as Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool have hugely dedicated fans.

-Simon Pretswell, CEO ofUKSoccerShop

Sources: Google Keyword Planner  

Methodology: The data usedGoogle Keyword Planner to identify the nationwide search volumes pertaining to the football shirts of both Premier and Championship League teams over the preceding five years. This approach revealed the annual favourites and ranked the most in-demand team shirts.  

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