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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected by Ken Elphinstone, two innocent people are stranded in the aftermath of a minor celestial collision, and endeavor to make a home.

Sci-Fi Thriller

Ken Elphinstone’s sci-fi thriller is based on the idea that home is where you make it, regardless of whether that happens to be in the past or as a result of a celestial collision. He was inspired to write it after returning to the UK after many years abroad.

Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected by Ken Elphinstone on The Table Read Magazine
Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected by Ken Elphinstone

Q.E.S.T. is about sci-fi as much as it is about human nature and the self-belief of many people that they are all aware of what is best for others. It has a fast pace and offers an interesting and original take on the time travel idea that is so popular.

Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected portrays this author as a science fiction writer who is not only familiar with the genre but also has developed his own unique, empathetic style. This style is sure to appeal to contemporary readers who are looking for a fresh take on adventures in the future.

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Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected

They are rescued by a determined group from the present, but it becomes clear that the present is no longer their home. The inspiration for telling the tale of time travelers returning from the past came from returning to the UK after traveling extensively for many years.

A team from the present tries to locate the stranded while the stranded attempt to establish a home in the past. They might just be able to bring the couple back to their own time if they can pinpoint their exact location.

Ken Elphinstone on The Table Read Magazine
Ken Elphinstone

Ken Elphinstone

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Ken traveled after graduating from school and continues to do so. The first 12 years were spent in Germany and Cyprus. Then on to Libya before returning to the United Kingdom at an R&D facility. He spent the subsequent five years in Iran and Iraq with itchy feet before returning to the UK to complete his college education.

He joined a technology company to temporarily settle in with a little more education. However, the business persuaded him to manage Europe’s distributor operations. The business grew after a few successful years, and they asked him to manage their operations for a long time in Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian subcontinent.

Ken eventually settled down on a tropical island for six years in search of something new before his itchy feet once more forced him to leave. He now relates those experiences to his out-of-this-world expression after spending an interminable amount of time traveling, meeting new people, observing, and taking notes.

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Published by Compass-Publishing UK, Q.E.S.T. – Cause, Effect, Affected is available in paperback (£9.99) and Kindle format (£2.99 or free via the App) on Amazon at and

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