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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, writing duo, known as Nina Whyle, introduce Dusty Hall, the deliciously enthusiastic new recruit to His Majesty’s Secret Service. From out-of-work actress to spy, Dusty and her lethal colleague, Yazmin, are tasked with their first mission in Morocco.

Dusty Hall

With the introduction of their outstanding new employee to MI6, writing duo Nina Whyle turns spying on its head in the midst of the ever-feisty speculation about who will succeed James Bond.

This intoxicating Bond-esque romp is an action-packed read that demonstrates that Dusty Hall more than makes up for what she lacks in conventional spying skills like problem solving, communication, teamwork, and delivering under pressure.

From Dusty With Love by Nina Whyle on The Table Read Magazine
From Dusty WIth Love

From Dusty With Love is a fantastic lighthearted distraction from the realities of today. It is hugely entertaining and puts girl power, friendships, and family first. It will also delight readers to learn that Dusty’s spying career is not limited to a single book and that her next mission, A License to Thrill, is already being published.

Reading Never Goes Out of Style

From Dusty With Love

Unemployed actress Dusty Hall, is enlisted into His Highness’ Secret Service, and this may be her best job yet! In training, she meets Yazmin Khan, the embodiment of a mobile deadly weapon and an all out boss. Despite their vastly different personalities, the two women complement one another perfectly.

Whether or not they are prepared, the two are sent on their first covert mission: to break into the hotel owner and alleged arms smuggler Ahmed Al Sahid in Morocco. The only problem is that it falls on the weekend of her sister Coco’s hen party. Dusty’s responsibility as maid-of-honor is to make the bride’s hen weekend the best one ever!

Nina Whyle on The Table Read Magazine
Nina Whyle

Coco is far scarier than any deadly undercover operation, so you shouldn’t let her down. Therefore, Dusty devises a cunning strategy: why not invite all the hens to Marrakech to complete the task at hand? She should simply keep the two completely different – what’s the worst that could happen?

Nina Whyle

Writing duo Nina Whyle is made up of two best friends. They compose simple perusing, silly experiences of young lady making their mark, regardless of how heedlessly. with a hint of romance, which is always a guarantee. Their most recent book is a comedic spy thriller that centers on female friendships and family. brimming with action, suspense, and glitz to a tee.

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Published on 6th December 2022, From Dusty With Love is available in Kindle format (£1.99 or free via app) to pre-order on Amazon at

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