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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best creativity magazine in the UK“, Raymond Assis has collaborated with artists and designers to launch the CRUE project.


Raymond Assis, based in New York City, has announced the launch of a fascinating new project at the intersection of architecture, design, fashion, and art. Both an artist and a designer of buildings, Assis’s work deals with the negotiation of architecture, pop culture, and history. He uses his art to talk about things like how many people we are and how important mental health is.

Raymond Assis on The Table Read Magazine
Raymond Assis

The French word “crue,” which means “raw,” “unfinished,” and “untouched,” is the name of the exciting new project. He explained that the name was chosen so that they could emphasize their essence; who they are without the modifying.

He explained that their goal is to promote collaboration among all creative fields. Artists and designers can work together in the studio CRUE to investigate tension, multiplicity, and balance. They have architects, animators, professionals in branding, content creators, illustrators, and product experts on their team. The significance of the team was emphasized when they decided on the name CRUE, which is pronounced “crew” as the best work comes from teamwork.

Their primary goal is to emphasize the significance of individuality. They are made up of many different parts that always need to be balanced. At the point when they acknowledge every one of our sides and intervene between them appropriately it permits us to lift to our most noteworthy self.


Raymond Assis Art on The Table Read Magazine
Raymond Assis Art

The first collectible, dubbed “A Jommentary,” marks the beginning of the launch. Assis explained that a Jommentary is a sarcastic commentary on the idea of internal conflict. Parts from a variety of industries make up its influences, just as they are. It aims to inspire self-reflection, awareness, and acceptance of all that we are in an effort to convey tension balance in a tangible way.

He reinterpreted Tom and Jerry, beloved characters from my childhood, and their relationship in ways that represented personal experience in his quest for self-understanding after spending months sketching them as a hobby. They were a good way to bring attention to two distinct opposites that constantly clash. To give them a more mature appearance, he began to model and imagine them in three-dimensional space. It evolved into a means of expressing his perspective on life and the events in his environment.

The sculpture is Assis’s own personal reflection of his mental struggle. It was made to encourage others to accept themselves for the many different things they can be and to spread the message about balance, mental health, and other topics. In general, substance abuse is linked to art, and he hopes that his work can convey a more upbeat message. By making a fresh connection between art and fashion, he also hopes to reach a wider audience.

Raymond Assis Art on The Table Read Magazine
Raymond Assis Art

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