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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, after signing with Platoon in 2023, Scar has released her debut single, Paralyzing, an emotive and cathartic examination of youth.

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Paralyzing by Scar on The Table Read Magazine
Paralyzing by Scar

Eighteen year old singer songwriter from London, Scarlet Byford a.k.a. Scar, released the first single off her upcoming, debut project, Paralyzing, after signing with the Platoon label in late 2023.

Speaking to an internal battle within herself, Paralyzing describes the war waging inside and the difficulty faced in wanting to be things she’s not sure she can be. With explosive lyrics and a haunting piano accompaniment, Scar’s debut single is a commanding acoustic introduction to this incredible talent.

The song is about how overwhelming life and the pressures that come with it can be, and how sometimes your own fears and anxiety can stop you from doing the things you love. You find yourself in this kind of paralyzing state, which can feel really lonely and hard to get out of. But ultimately it’s about making that tough choice to keep fighting that battle going on in your mind.

Scar on The Table Read Magazine

Scar’s self-titled debut project, SCAR will premiere this Autumn via Platoon. Conscientiously created, the tracks were hand selected by Scarlet based solely on her love for them and their ability to connect with fans. With hopes of reaching those who might be struggling, Scar’s mission with her introductory work is to inspire and encourage listeners to find comfort and know that they’re not alone.


While a new artist, Scar is certainly no stranger to creating a fanbase. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she downloaded TikTok and began posting videos. Since then, due to her impressive vocal range and authenticity, she’s generated over 2.8M followers on TikTok alone. Not only gaining interest from Platoon, her raw, impactful content has attracted attention from notable artists including Justin Beiber, who have shared her music on their own channels in support.

Realizing her love for music after participating in choir while in primary school, Scar would continue to foster her gift. By the time she graduated school, music was her first choice for a career. Drawing inspiration organically and from the likes of Ed Sheeran and James Arthur, Scar is a raw and authentic talent.

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