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On The Table Read, the “Best Entertainment Celebrity Magazine in the UK“, inspired by the Netflix series Selling Sunset, have compiled a list of some of the biggest A-Lister homes.

Celebrities live lavish lifestyles, with luxurious clothing and cars to boot. However, often the sparkling jewel in their crown is their home, containing everything from multi-million pound artwork to an entire indoor basketball court

Selling Sunset

And tasked with selling these gargantuan mansions are realtors and estate agents such as the glamorous salespeople on hit Netflix series Selling Sunset, and with estimated values deep into the millions, there’s the potential to earn big bucks!

Surveyors and property experts at therefore endeavoured to discover how much realtors from Selling Sunset’s Oppenheim Group could get in commission if they were to sell some of the biggest A-listers homes! This release was achieved by using data from Architectural Digest, and commission information from The Oppenheim Group.

CelebrityHouse priceLocationCommission earned ($)Oppenheim fees ($)
Adam Levine£24.5mPacific Palisades, LA£429,797.20£184,198.80
Zedd£12.2mSherman Oaks/NW of Beverly Hills, LA£214,898.60£92,099.40
Kris Jenner£11.5mHidden Hills, LA£201,467.44£86,343.19
Ricky Martin£10.3mBeverly Hills, LA£181,320.69£77,708.87
Robert Downey Jnr£9.1mThe Hamptons£159,830.83£68,498.93
Jessica Alba£7.6mLA£134,311.63£57,562.13
Maria Sharapova£6.6mSanta Barbara, California£115,508.00£49,503.43
Kendall Jenner£6.5mLA£114,164.88£48,927.81
Nicole Scherzinger£6.1mLA£107,382.14£46,020.92
Jensen Ackles£5.3mAustin, Texas£93,950.60£40,264.71
Alessandra Ambrosio£4.9mSanta Monica, California£87,302.56£37,415.38
Hilary Duff£2.9mBeverly Hills, LA£51,709.98£22,161.42
Cara Delevingne£2.87mLA£50,366.86£21,585.80
Shay Mitchell£2.83mLA£49,695.30£21,297.99
Nyjah Huston£2.76mLaguna Beach£48,352.19£20,722.37
Dakota Johnson£2.72mHollywood, LA£47,680.63£20,434.55
Vanessa Hudgens£2.1mStudio City, LA£36,935.70£15,829.58
Mandy Moore£1.95mPasadena, California£34,921.02£14,966.15
Troye Sivan£1.8mMelbourne, Australia£32,637.72£13,987.60
Bretman Rock£1.5mHawaii£26,862.33£11,512.43

A List Real-Estate

The list begins with the wonderful 1930’s home of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. The sprawling ranch house he shares with his Namibian model wife Behati Prinsloo is in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. For £24.5m, the realtor’s commission would be just under £430,000. That’s just for one home! For comparison, the cost of the average UK home is £248,000, meaning the realtor could personally purchase a house at average price and have £182,000 spare just through the sale of Adam Levine’s LA home.

Half an hour’s drive inland leads to Sherman Oaks, an exclusive neighbourhood in Los Angeles, set astride one of the large hills surrounding the city. DJ and music mogul Zedd owns a large modernist property (with a moat to get to the front door!), which is valued at £12.2m. The realtors at the Oppenheim Group could earn a pre-tax amount of almost £215,000.

Legendary actor and Marvel hero Robert Downey Jnr decided to make the move away from Los Angeles, instead residing in a hugely quirky Windmill House. With a homely yet up-to-date interior and a traditional quaint exterior, the dichotomy in style makes for a remarkable home. With a purchase price of £9.1m, the potential commission for this property stands at over £159,000.

Kendall Jenner features on this list as both a house recipient and a stylist. According to Architectural Digest, she oversaw the year-long upgrade to her $8.5m LA home, featuring chromatic art and modern restored furnishings. At £6.5m, the Selling Sunset saleswomen could achieve a healthy £114,000 in commission on sale.

At the other end of the scale is popular YouTuber and model Bretman Rock. The make-up guru is thoroughly in touch with nature, choosing to remain in his home state of Hawaii. His £1.5m pad would generate just under £27,000 in commission for the salespeople on Selling Sunset.


  1. wanted to investigate how much the realtor agents on Selling Sunset could potentially earn from the sale of some of the world’s most famous celebrity homes.
  2. To achieve this, Stokemont curated a master seed list of 20 of the highest viewed house tours on Architectural Digest.
  3. Once the seed list had been created, Stokemont scraped the data from Architectural Digest, finding the cost, location, and assorted details about the property.
  4. Upon the collection of data, Stokemont collated the estimated commission of the Selling Sunset agents at the Oppenheim Group. Information found here
  5. The rate of commission for the Oppenheim Group currently stands at 2.5% of the sale. The realtor will then get 70% of that 2.5%, with broker Jason Oppenheim getting a liability payment of 30%.
  1. For every celebrity’s home, Stokemont calculated the potential commission value earned against the estimated current property value, using this percentage tool.
  2. Average cost of UK homes was found from leading data site Statista.
  3. Data is correct as of 06/04/2022 and subject to change due to approximations.
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