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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, short story collection, My Usual Table by Charles Lander, delves deep into the minutiae of other peoples’ lives, connected through Leo, the manager of Messanto, a restaurant in Pimlico.

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My Usual Table

After retiring from four decades of acting as a solicitor for private individuals and their families, Charles Lander realised he had a multitude of very human anecdotes surrounding wills, trusts, divorce, tax, family disputes and more, all of which were screaming out to be fictionalised. This turned into the new release, My Usual Table.

He adopted a pseudonym, and developed Leo, the manager of the restaurant in which all the stories are set, and who is the common denominator that links the chapters, to create an entertaining collection of short stories that resonate, fascinate and intrigue.

Customers with their usual table at a restaurant have more than their fair share of problems. The manager Leo can help. These interconnecting stories, clever and intriguing, follow the fortunes of the customers and how they and their families react to the issues they face.

A father who dies leaving a dysfunctional family with a problem they alone can solve – will they find the right solution? An overzealous lifestyle guru and his long-suffering wife – how can she cope with him? A husband with financial problems wanting to sell a valuable work of art without his family knowing – can he find a way to do it? These and other stories are told with warmth and humour, all from Lander’s experience as a lawyer advising families on their personal dilemmas. The stories often reveal what happens if the past is allowed to dictate to the present, and that human nature can cost a family far more than money.

Charles Lander’s fiction debut combines wit and wisdom which leaves readers hoping that sufficient anecdotes have been squirrelled away to inspire the publication of future volumes.

Charles Lander

Throughout his career as a solicitor spanning more than four decades Charles Lander advised families on their problems – wills, trusts, tax and disputes – which he always believed would be fertile ground for stories derived from his experience. Once he retired, he decided to write about them and the result is this collection of stories, loosely based on fact.

Charles lives with his wife in south-west London, where they have lived for many years. They have two children and four grandchildren.

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