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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in The Cuckoo Folly by Morag Burnard, consumed by her dead husband’s mysterious and perplexing past, a woman seeks to better understand the person she considered the love of her life.

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The Cuckoo Folly

In The Cuckoo Folly, the debut novel by M. Burnard, while grieving for her late husband, the protagonist is consumed by an insatiable need to unravel his unknown and enigmatic past.

Bolted shut and forgotten within a woodland, a folly stands. Its circular walls echo with secrets: love, lies, obsession and betrayal. Troubled by her late husband’s enigmatic past, a woman begins to unravel the truth and tragedies that shaped him. Pondering whether she truly knew him at all, she faces his past alone, peeling back layers of personal histories and grapples with the question: Is the truth always the best path?

Intricately woven with hidden truths and buried secrets, M. Burnard keeps her readers entertained, intrigued and invested right to the very end. The readers question whether, if they found themselves in a similar situation, would the pursuit of the truth trump all?

M. Burnard

Morag Burnard is a writer and poet and lives on the border of Norfolk and Suffolk with her family.

Having studied Zoology at The University of Edinburgh (and nurturing her lifelong interest in nature), Morag enjoys all aspects of creativity and is currently working on a project, Painting One Thousand Trees.

She says: “I have worked and lived in many different places, although originally from the Isle of Man, a place still referred to as ‘home’. Alongside working in her family business, I play a heartfelt role, working as a tutor in an alternative education provider.

Morag’s debut novel, The Cuckoo Folly will be followed later this year by Blessicca a novel that explores the interrelationship between women who are pushed to extremes.

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