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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in dark and suspenseful collection of short stories, The Secret Life of Insects by Bernardo Esquinca, the lines between science fiction, horror, and even magical realism are blurred.

The Secret Life Of Insects

The Secret Life of Insects by Bernardo Esquinca features multiple interconnected tales, exploring themes of death, violence, the dark side of human nature, and the blurring line between the natural and supernatural.

The title story, The Secret Life Of Insects, is a chilling exploration of murder, with a forensic entomologist investigating his wife’s mysterious death, after she impossibly seems to have been killed in a forest at the same time she was asleep in bed with him, only to discover a horrifying connection to the insects he studies. This theme of the dark and often disturbing hidden world beneath the surface runs through many of the stories.

Throughout The Secret Life Of Insects, you’ll find disturbing imagery, exploration of human cruelty, and a sense of unease that lingers long after the stories end. Blending elements of horror with a touch of the strange and surreal, these stories blur the lines between reality and nightmare as they delve into the macabre and explore the intersection of the natural world and the supernatural.

Expect unsettling events and unexplained phenomena as Esquinca doesn’t shy away from portraying the darker aspects of human nature such as violence, death, and obsession.

If you’re looking for a collection that will stay with you long after you finish reading it, and you have a strong stomach for the unsettling and the weird, then The Secret Life of Insects is the book for you. However, if you’re squeamish, this collection might not be for you as Esquinca delves into the grotesque and disturbing aspects of life and death.

Bernardo Esquinca

Bernardo Esquinca on The Table Read Magazine
Bernardo Esquinca

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1972, Bernardo Esquinca is a rising star in the world of dark fiction, with work which extends beyond novels, encompassing a multitude of chilling short stories.

His talent isn’t lost on the literary community. His short story “Señor Ligotti” garnered a nomination for the prestigious Shirley Jackson Award in 2021, a testament to his ability to weave unsettling narratives. His novel “Toda la sangre” (All the Blood) transcended the page, being adapted into a television series by the production company Lionsgate+. This chilling adaptation showcases the captivating and often disturbing world Esquinca creates.

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