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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, in historical thriller, Blow Up The Irish Mail by Simon Mostin, a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood conceals a bomb on the Irish Mail train to wreak revenge on England.

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Blow Up The Irish Mail

Historical thriller set in the vibrant backdrop of 1880s London, Blow Up the Irish Mail by Simon Mostin gets the adrenalin pumping from the get-go. This gripping tale of political intrigue and impending disaster is the story of a bomb planted on the Irish mail train by a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, to wreak revenge on England.

Eifion Price, an impassioned Welsh nationalist, works as a guard on the Irish Mail train, simmering with a desire to make the oppressors of his beloved country suffer. Little does he know that Edward Mulholland, a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, sees in Eifion the ideal instrument to exact revenge on England.

Meanwhile, a seasoned and uncompromising detective from Scotland Yard, Thomas Wells, is investigating a troubling rumour of an impending attack in London, orchestrated by the I.R.B and involving a Welsh accomplice. Unbeknownst to him, a carefully concealed bomb, poised to claim countless lives, has been smuggled into the country from Ireland. As Thomas delves deeper into the investigation, he unwittingly attracts the chilling attention of the I.R.B, transforming him into their next target.

With each passing moment, the day of unfathomable horror creeps closer, and time becomes an unrelenting adversary. Will Eifion succumb to Mulholland’s machinations, or will his conscience steer him away from the path of destruction? Can Thomas decipher the puzzle before innocent lives are irrevocably shattered? As the clock ticks relentlessly, the tension mounts, propelling readers on a suspenseful journey through a world on the brink.

With finely tuned and thoroughly convincing protagonists, well-researched historical and political settings of 1880s London, and vivid descriptions with evocative language, readers are convincingly transported to another time and place. Blow Up The Irish Mail makes for a compelling and impressive debut novel with the eloquence, pace and suspense expected from the genre.

Simon Mostin

I was born in Bangor North Wales in 1979. I went to Lancaster University where I studied sociology and then to Birmingham City University where I studied Nursing. I taught English as a foreign language in Thailand for six months.

-Simon Mostin

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