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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, singer songwriter Skofee has released her new EP, Joyland.

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Skofee, a Los Angeles-based indie pop singer and songwriter, has released the eagerly anticipated EP, Joyland. The six-track EP, which is named after a Kansas amusement park Skofee used to go to, is about finding joy in different ways after losing touch with it.  Skofee explained that Joyland represents a euphoric state of mind, one that isn’t necessarily accessible in the way it used to be. Th EP includes themes such as the search for happiness, self-discovery, the absence of comfort, and the destruction of familiarity.

Skofee on The Table Read Magazine

Artistically, Joyland thrills with multi-faceted sonics including sweet electro pop, moody indie pop, and introspective people that take the audience on an exciting and appealing journey of finding joy in every day life.


Los Angeles-based Skofee is a rising pop artist. Her music is left-of-center, but it still has melodies that draws you in, and it has decadent tracks over honest but touching lyrics and lush harmonies.

Skofee, who was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, grew up listening to folk and bluegrass music. Skofee turned her love of the music she grew up listening to into a sound that is more pop-oriented after attending college at the University of Southern California and high school in Boulder, Colorado. 

The Post Pop Remix of her single “Spiderman” was released in 2021. Post Pop is the name of producer Stefan Skarbek, who has worked with many artists, including Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, and Jamiroquai. Local KROQ-FM, arguably the most influential Alternative radio station in the country, played this upbeat reworking for several months. Skofee and Grammy-nominated Dutch singer/songwriter/producer Cimo Fränkel collaborated on an incredible duet in July 2022. The song, a remake of Fränkel’s hit single “Where Do You Hide Your Love,” received support from tastemaker radio station KCRW and was played on Amazing Radio USA’s A-list.

Skofee’s sophomore EP, Joyland, addresses love, lost and the quest for joy in familiar places. The EP now contains a number of singles, including “Wind Up Hero,” a tropical house-infused summertime banger, “Quicksand,” a relatable pop-fused 90s anthem about letting go, and “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant.”

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