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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best entertainment magazine in the UK“, songwriter Sophia Habib as performed with the Cloud Orchestra and released three new live performance videos.

Sophia Habib

Sophia Habib on The Table Read Magazine
Sophia Habib

Sophia Habib is a singer, songwriter, performer and music producer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Gently moving between irresistible pop, enchanting R&B and luxurious neo-soul, Sophia’s music is an enchanting mixture of her love for the 00’s, alongside smooth R&B vocals and a dark, melancholic tone taken from her classical pianist background.

Having learned at the elite Rotterdam Conservatory of Music, her music reaps a maturity and refinement, while her themes address relatable, and every day experiences. Breaking down barriers and doing the unexpected, Sophia’s music radiates subtle suspense and tension.


Following the release of her 2022 album, Fragile, Sophia Habib has released three live tracks and live performance videos. The release demonstrates the artist’s incredible live skills and includes two songs from her album, “Lifeline” and “We Can’t Work This Out,” as well as the addition of a new song, “Thank You.”

Performing with the Cloud Orchestra, Sophia’s love of classic music clearly shines through her performance. She explained that to work with an orchestra was a dream she needed to satisfy. She called Anton de Bruin to ask if he wanted to do a collaboration with the Cloud Orchestra, and that was where the project began.

Directed by Eloi Genrich and Rebecca Weltner and recorded by Maric Dam, the three music videos are shot in a wonderful, minimalist location, to put the focus on Sophia and the music, without any interruptions. Warm golden tones combine with dark, shadowy elements to create a vulnerable shimmer, giving the song’s sound and narratives additional depth.

New Songs

Sophia Habib gives listeners an honest look into some of her most intimate and raw moments in the songs, which are thematically based on real-life events. Sophia explained that Thank You is basically a romantic tale, saying thanks to somebody for showing you what genuine love is, and that you are worthy of receiving that love. The song “Lifeline” describes the feeling of knowing that the person you are in love with is not good for you, and coming to the realization that you do not need the approval of anyone to be loved.

With streaming numbers in the many thousands and rave reviews from PAPER Magazine, Wonderland Magazine and Earmilk to give some examples, 2023 is set to take Sophia Habib higher than ever.

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