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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, The Unbound Press have released a collaborative book with Carrie Myers and women who have chosen to shine, Soul Shine.

Soul Shine

Soul Shine by Carrie Myers on The Table Read Magazine
Soul Shine

Carrie Myers, a poet and yoga instructor, was the inspiration for the book Soul Shine, which is available now from The Unbound Press. Carrie came to the realization, as she was going through her own healing process, that she had diminished her own brilliance and reduced herself to a shadow in order to provide comfort to other people.

The unfortunate reality is that most people, particularly women, shrink ourselves in our efforts to "be good" and acceptable. As an author, Carrie has discovered that storytelling and writing are powerful ways to tell our stories, share our struggles, and then break free from the shadows. She felt guided to share her own healing journey. As a result, she has shared her heart with 25 other amazing, vulnerable, and powerful women in an effort to raise awareness of the tragedy of women not claiming and fully living their soul's purpose.

"As women, especially, we have all dulled our shine for the comfort of others”, explained Carrie. “Recognising the pivotal moments allow for healing, growth, and renewal of our Soul Shine."


You will experience the pain, self-doubt, and struggles of 26 women throughout this book, and witness 26 soul and life transformations with each chapter. These women develop, inspire, and reclaim the shine that was always within them despite the desire to shed the "shoulders" of our world. They discovered the authentic and exquisite women they had always been meant to be as they watched their light grow brighter. Allow their experiences and words to motivate you to reclaim your purpose and shine as the infinite, flawless version of yourself.

Carrie Myers on The Table Read Magazine
Carrie Myers

Anyone who has lost their shine should read this book; for anyone who wishes to share their own heroine's journey; for people whose lives seem to be stuck or dark. This book has come together to help people feel less alone by inspiring and educating them.

It's time for everyone to shine.

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Carrie Myers

Carrie Myers is a yoga instructor, poet, and program developer from Asheville, North Carolina. Carrie is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a Master of Social Work degree; Additionally, she has been writing since I was ten years old and is a mother of three. Carrie is devoted to creating and recognizing beauty in the chaos that life sometimes throws at us. Her objective is to assist readers in rediscovering their true selves and reviving, creating, and discovering their inner light.

Unbound Press

Author, writing coach, and radio host Nicola Humber established the heart-led publishing imprint for unbound souls known as The Unbound Press. Nicola started the Unbound Press to help women write the book that their Unbound Self is calling them to write and to build a community of soul-family readers and customers at the same time.

Find Soul Shine now:

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Retail price: £13.60 | Kindle 99p

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