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On The Table Read Magazine, “the best book magazine in the UK“, Ruth Dive and Laura Evans have published Look At Me Now: Thoughts And Advice For Navigating Through Teen Years, featuring real life stories from teenge girls.

Look At Me Now by Ruth Dive and Laura Evans on The Table Read Magazine
Look At Me Now

Look At Me Now

The SoulSister Wellness CIC’s founders, Ruth Dive and Laura Evans, are pleased to announce that their publication of Look At Me Now: Thoughts And Advice For Navigating Through Teen Years. This collaborative book was written by teenagers and debuted at the top of the Amazon bestseller charts in 15 categories, including ‘Young adult non-fiction on maturing,’ ‘Suicidal Social & Family Issues,’ ‘Depression, Mental Health, and Bullying,’ alongside ‘A Girl’s Guide to Being Famous: How to Find Your Brave by Dr. Andy Cope and Suzie Lavington.

This best-selling book is the result of a collaboration between the experiences of ten adolescent girls who wanted to tell their stories to help other people because so many of them are relevant to teenagers all over the world. The topics covered include bullying, friendships, grief, and body image. The 10 girls share how dealt with their own feelings and developed new coping mechanisms, which are discussed in the book.

The girls were invited to work with SoulSister Wellness, a Wales-based organization, after a very special 12-month project. Each month, they worked through topics and challenges to help improve confidence, resilience, and emotional health outcomes. The girls wanted to write this book to show other people that they are not alone in the difficulties they may face in life and acknowledge their development. Positive outcomes and helpful advice come straight from the teens themselves in each chapter.

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SoulSister Wellness

This collaboration book was spearheaded by Ruth Dive, 39, and Laura Evans, 41, both of Flintshire, North Wales, who founded SoulSister Wellness CIC in 2020, an organization that works with young people to educate and empower them with ways to support their own health and wellbeing outcomes in life. They also give talks and workshops in primary and high schools, in addition to providing workshops, programs, and one-on-one sessions in the community and online.

First launched in December 2021, through the Look At Me Now! project, Ruth and Laura facilitated the opportunity for businesses to sponsor a student. Ruth and Laura helped the teens accomplish:

Authors of Look At Me Now on The Table Read Magazine
Back Row left to right – Lexie, Sian, Elise, Olivia, Evie, Jasmine, Megan Front left to right – Laura, Yazmin, Olivia, Millie, Ruth
  • Positive routines
  • Knowledge of nutrition, health, and wellness
  • Forming habits that are healthy and last
  • The capacity to reframe life event
  • Confidence
  • Kills in communicating and self-awareness
  • Learning how to deal with emotions
  • Life skills

Ruth and Laura, the co-founders, realized something very special was taking place each month when they brought these girls together for this year-long journey. Despite the fact that their problems and challenges in life were all very different, these girls’ connection inspired and helped each other so strongly.

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Ruth Dive And Laura Evans

Coaching, hypnotherapy, and heart healing are among Ruth’s certifications. She has a huge advantage because she has been on her own personal development journey for a long time and has experienced the same emotions as my clients. Ruth is of the opinion that we are emotional beings and that understanding how we feel and act is necessary for any transformation or change to occur.

Laura, her business partner, is a Nutrition and Wellness Coach who is committed to ongoing development and received training from one of the leading nutritionists in the UK. She went on her own personal journey of improving her health and wellness with various coaches and nutritionists based in both the UK and Europe after a high-stress career in senior commercial accounting. She learned that our social and physical environments have a significant impact on our mental and physical health through this process.

Ruth Dive

“We are delighted that this book has become a best-seller,” said Ruth. “We realised in the planning of SoulSister Wellness back in early 2021 that teenage girls really needed more support in their understanding of how they can take control of their own emotional and physical health outcomes. Fast-forward to the end of 2021, and we decided to launch a very special project – Look at Me Now! – inviting ten local teenage girls to work with us for a year. There was a commitment from us to inspire confidence and resilience, sharing knowledge about the power of making healthy choices and offering mentoring with local businesswomen to provide the girls with aspirations for their futures.

Ruth Dive and Laura Evans on The Table Read Magazine
Ruth Dive and Laura Evans

“Our mission is to help build teenagers to be strong, so that life does not trip them up. Life is not always safe and planned, so we aim to inspire courage and confidence in our teenagers. We want to give them the tools to know how to cope when curve balls are thrown. We look at health and wellness as a whole and help build knowledge and self-awareness in order to have strong healthy habits in place. The aim is to always feel at your best and know how to get there.”

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Laura Evans

Our overriding aim has always been to try to improve the emotional and physical health outcomes of young people, but what we quickly realised was that the issues that these girls faced and so openly shared with us, were so powerful,” said Laura Evans. “This collection of words and advice has come from our ten very special girls who have shown so much courage in sharing their own stories to help others. Our message is that every single person has a story and that those stories can bind us together to help us through our own journeys. We love that we have given these girls and others a platform, space and the chance to open up.”

Authors & Co

“Authors & Co are absolutely honoured to have supported this stunning collaboration brought to you by the SoulSister Wellness – a collective of young women sharing their stories of inspiration!” said founder of Authors & Co, Abigail Horne. “When we share our experiences with others, it can shine a light for others to walk through and then take away their fears. What an incredible group of inspiring young women!

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